Best Songs of 2018 | New Music to Listen to

    Best songs of 2018
    Best songs of 2018

    Want to know what the best songs of 2018 were? Check out my list of the best songs I listened to in 2018!

    Hello everyone! It’s the end of the year and as a Christmas/New Year’s gift to you guys, I figured I would share with you all the Best Songs of 2018! Okay, I should say that these are my personal favorite songs of 2018. These are songs and artists that you guys probably might not have ever heard of and I just wanted to share with you all of the new music that I found as well as enjoyed this year. There’s a mixture of Indie music, r&b, rap, rock, pop, instrumentals, and Jersey dance music. Also I would like to mention that some of the songs are in Spanish, French, and Korean. However, I think that a lot of you guys will enjoy this music or at least be able to add some of these songs to your musical playlists.

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    10 Ways to Get More Twitter Retweets and Likes | Twitter Marketing

    how to get retweets on twitter

    It’s true that the more Twitter retweets and likes that you have, the more you’ll be visible to other people on Twitter. It used to be a struggle to get engagement on my Twitter account. I would post tweets or things that I thought other people would find interesting, but I wouldn’t get any engagement on practically any of my posts. I learned that it was because I wasn’t creating the proper Tweets that would gain…. well retweets and likes. After awhile I learned that there were a couple of things that I could do to grow my Twitter engagement and now I get a decent amount of interaction per Tweet. So today I wanted to share with you all my top 10 ways to get more Twitter retweets and likes!

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    12 Things to do when you can’t sleep | How to sleep better

    Things to do when you can't sleep

    There have been so many nights in the past when I would have trouble sleeping. I would end up staying up too late and then waking up cranky because I didn’t get enough sleep. Today I wanted to share with you guys some things you can do when you can’t sleep. So let’s jump into some sleep techniques that you can use so you can learn how to sleep better and wake up well-rested.

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    21 Reality Shows on Hulu to Binge Watch

    reality shows on Hulu

    Reality shows have taken over our televisions, laptops, and phones as these shows portray potentially “realistic” events that are interesting, intriguing, and sometimes relatable. Hulu has a ton of reality shows that you can watch from competitions to decorations to court shows to lifestyle examinations to celebrity lives. There are tons of options for reality shows on Hulu that you can watch. So today I wanted to share with you guys 21 of the best reality shows on Hulu to watch or I should say… the ones that I am interested in watching that you probably don’t know about.

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    January Blog Post Ideas

    January blog post ideas

    January is almost here which means it is time to plan for your January blog post ideas to start your blog off right for the new year! I came up with a lot of blog post ideas for January to help my fellow bloggers create content for your blogs in case you needed some more ideas for January. So check out these ideas.

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    3 Months on Fiverr | Fiverr Seller Review | Is Fiverr legit?

    make money with fiverr

    Learn how I made money with fiverr these past 3 months. Check out this Fiverr Seller review!

    I’ve been selling on Fiverr since September 2018 and I’ve been able to make some extra money with the website which has been pretty awesome. Fiverr is currently a great option for me as side work for being a freelancer. So I’m not going to do too much rambling because I know if you’re reading this you really want me to just talk about how much I’ve made as well as the pros and the cons which is exactly what I am going to do.

    So here is my Fiverr seller review!

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    November 2018 Income Report | How much money did I make online in November


    I started this Income Report blog series to track how much I make online with other websites. I am also using it to track my blog income growth as well so I can look back on what I did wrong and what I did right for the future.

    Related: My First Income Report – How much I made online October 2018

    So let’s jump into how much I made online in November..

    Fiverr (selling services digitally) – $112

    Ebates (cashback) – $1.12

    eRewards (surveys) – $16.25

    Epolls (surveys) – 3000 points (around $4)

    Google Adsense (ads) – $1.55

    Viglink (affiliate) – $0.92

    Total = $135.84

    (Nothing was paid out to me in November except, money from Fiverr that I earned last month and a Fiverr order that I received at the beginning of November. I also received my check from Cashcrate from my earnings from last month. Everything else will probably be paid out to me sometime in December).

    This post contains affiliate and referral links. See disclaimer here.

    Things I did my first month of blogging on Blogging and Living

    Posts I made – 7 (I was supposed to post 12 times, but I failed.)

    Words I wrote – 7663

    Total likes I received from people on WordPress – 89

    Comments made on the blog (including my responses back)- 9

    I tried to make sure that majority of my blog posts had at least 800 words and I succeeded. It surprisingly wasn’t difficult to create the blog posts. I just discussed topics that I was really interested in for the most part. In the past when I would initially start a blog, it would take me so much longer to write a post… but now it takes me maybe an hour.

    Most of my time went to – Planning and Creating photos

    I think the thing that takes the longest amount of time is creating photos to share on social media. To be honest, it will take me maybe 2-3 hours to create photos for a post and it is usually because I am making like 4-6 different photos that I can use on social media. For example, I create a lot of wider and shorter photos for Facebook and Twitter while I create longer photos for Pinterest. I also do research to analyze what photos are doing well on Pinterest and sometimes I’ll create a similar photos, but with my own spin on it for my website.

    I also deleted some old blog posts on my other website and I plan on posting them on this new website in maybe 6-8 months. I would like to rank in Google for the topics since I plan on creating a couple of posts about the specific subject so hopefully I can rank well without any issues.

    Twitter Growth

    I increased my Twitter engagement substantially.

    I interacted a lot on Twitter and my engagement was the highest it has ever been which is pretty cool. I even started a couple of conversations with others on there which I am really happy about.

    I submitted my blog to Saira from Mom Resource for a specific link up giveaway that she was running. Basically you enter to be featured on her social media. I didn’t win, but I did gain 6 views from her website from my submission.

    I stopped myself from working hard on a blog post that most likely no one would read. I was about to post a review of an anime series from the late 80’s-early 90’s. I somewhat did write a review, but instead of posting it and working on creating a few photos to post to it which would have most likely cost me 2 hours of my time with no results, I decided that I would turn it into another post that I could use a specific set of keywords for to rank in the search engine. I started thinking about all of the times that I worked hard on some content for my previous blogs only to have no one read it. Then I realized that not a lot of people would be specifically interested in this anime. It isn’t popular and I would have had a hard time ranking for it since most of the pages that rank for it are 5+ years old established anime focused sites.

    I shared 1 Pin from one of my blog posts to a Tribe group that I am apart of on Tailwind.

    I have been using Tailwind for almost a year and I absolutely love it for promoting my content and building a following on Pinterest. It is really easy to schedule out what I want to publish over the course of a month in one day. However, I have never used the Tribes on Tailwind and I know I need to change my life because it would help my traffic grow even more than it does with just Tailwind scheduling alone.

    If you’re looking for a Pinterest scheduler to promote your content on Pinterest at different times of the day to save you sometime, try out Tailwind and get your first month free

    I had my first $60 purchase on Fiverr which was awesome. Of course, Fiverr gets a cut of 20% so I only will receive $48 of it, but it’s pretty awesome that I was able to make enough to cover my phone bill with what I made on Fiverr collectively in November. I made 5 sales!!!

    Related: 3 months on Fiverr | Fiverr Seller review

    I created my About page, Privacy Policy page, and Disclaimer page.

    I am happy that I was able to create those and get it out of the way. Of course, I do feel like my About page is awful and I am going to edit it over the course of the next few months.

    Things I Failed at & Didn’t Do Successfully in November

    Traffic –> My Goal for November was 1000  — Reality views for November – 142 views

    I haven’t installed Google Analytics yet, but this is where my traffic came from.


    I didn’t post at all on Instagram.

    I completely ignored Instagram. Okay, I didn’t ignore it… I liked other people’s photos and interacted on maybe 3 photos (they were giveaway posts). I didn’t post any new images myself though unfortunately. I felt so sluggish about taking photos last month.

    My Instagram followers decreased.

    I assume people were doing the whole follow unfollow thing. So yeah, it isn’t really too big of a surprise.

    I should have been promoting my content consistently on Twitter and Pinterest…and just in general.

    I did schedule pins on Pinterest, but I didn’t schedule enough of my own content from this blog. I think I maybe posted 2 images from this website which isn’t good at all. I also shared maybe 2 or 3 blog posts once each from this blog to Twitter. I think one post got me 16 views from Twitter which was pretty cool.

    I wanted to kind of wait to promote content when I had more of variety of content to post. I wanted to promote at least 5 blog posts a week on Twitter and share more of my posts to my Pinterest group boards. I also wanted to do more with Google Plus Communities, but I ended up not really focusing on anything too much except Pinterest.

    I didn’t obtain any followers on Facebook.

    I created a Facebook page and I posted on it about 5 times, but I didn’t actually promote it in groups or anything. I don’t think I realized realistically how I was about promoting my content on other social networks apart from Pinterest.

    I made 13 blog comments when I was supposed to make 30.

    Only 11 of the blog comments were actually strategic…somewhat. I’ll have to do better next month.

    I didn’t use Swagbucks or Cashcrate at all this month.

    I should have used the both of these websites because I know that I would have made at least $100 if I would have been active on them, but I won’t lie to you guys… I was just so lazy this month.


    My Social Media Stats as of December 1st

    Pinterest – Last month –>  5824  | Current –> 6526 (+702 new followers)

    Pinterest December Goal –> 400 new followers

    Twitter Pages – Last month –>  1446 & 760

    Current Twitter Stats –> 1561 (+115) &  789 (+29)

    Twitter December Goal –> 100 new followers

    Facebook – 0 –> Goal 30 likes

    Instagram –  53, but went down to 48  –> Goal 30 new followers

    Goals for December

    Post at least 10 times on my website.

    Post on Instagram at least 5 times and log my experience.

    Attempt to join at least 20 Pinterest groups and remove Pinterest boards that I don’t use.

    Share a Facebook post from my page to a group at least 6x.

    Do research for future blog posts in the upcoming 3 months.

    Promote all of my content and track how often I promote my content as well as where I promote it to evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

    Make 30 comments on other websites.

    Realistic Traffic Goals for December – 300 views

    November Income Report

    Learn how I made money in November in this Income Report.

    So that concludes my income report, my growth, and my failures for November.

    Thanks for reading and I will be back with another income report for December in a month.

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    You can also leave a comment telling me what you did well with or failed at in November!

    2 Sabrina Spellman Outfits That You Need In Your Closet | Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Costume

    chilling adventures of sabrina outfits

    As you guys know, I am obsessed with Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I wrote a whole review about the 1st season and what I am wondering as well as looking forward to in season 2. One of the things that I absolutely enjoyed about the show was the fashion. Sabrina’s Spellman whole look was everything for me and I loved that she always wore some sort of red. So I decided to create a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina costume aka outfit guide for one of my favorite witches, Sabrina Spellman. If you guys are interested in rocking 2 of these iconic outfits of hers, then look no further because I have found pieces similar to her clothing in the Netflix series. I know that I personally plan on cosplaying Sabrina Spellman at some point of time in the near future myself so I figured I would create this for you guys as well as for me to help me remember where to find these items for recreating a Sabrina Spellman costume or just in general for wearing her outfits because they are cute!


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