I watched Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina |Netflix Tv Shows

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    I was obsessed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I was a child. I would try to watch it every morning knowing it would make me late for school. There was just something about a teenage girl having magical powers that intrigued me. I binge watch the series once in awhile even now that I am older. I was so happy to find out that they were remaking the series, but I wasn’t really aware of how different it was going to be. I knew about the graphic novel the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but I had not personally read it. (It is on my ever growing list of graphic novels to check out.) Anyway I was pretty surprised by the Netflix Original version of Sabrina, but it was in a good way.

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    October 2018 My First Income Report + November Goals| Make Money Online

    income report

    My First Income Report – October 2018 | Blogging and Living

    So this is my first income report that I am sharing with you guys with websites that I used and that you can use to make money online. I plan on eventually adding blog income to these reports whenever I start to make money with this website. Hopefully that will be within the next couple of months.

    This post contains affiliate and referral links. See disclaimer here.

    So here is my October 2018 income report!

    Fiverr (side hustle) – $80

    Swagbucks (taking surveys) – $28.67

    Cashcrate (taking surveys) – $30.78

    Google Adsense (ads) – $2.44

    Ebates (cashback website) – $2.04

    Viglink (affiliates) – $0.70

    Activate (shared a tweet) – $0.10

    Total Earned = $144.73

    (Some money was paid the same month while others weren’t paid, but will be after 30-60 days.)

    Online Expenses = $59.05

    New blog domain (Namecheap) – $11.05

    WordPress personal plan – $48.00

    Total to spend after expenses = $85.68

    make extra money

    My first income report – October 2018 | Blogging and Living

    Things that happened in October

    I only spent a week on Swagbucks and Cashcrate.

    I only spent time on these websites for a week and I loved the experience considering I made a decent amount of money. I hope to make more money from the both of these websites by simply answering surveys. The goal was to make between $4-$6 Monday-Friday.

    Join Swagbucks and Cashcrate to make money taking online surveys today!

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    I started this website.

    I was going to wait to start this website, but I decided to just jump into it. I am excited and I am feeling extremely hopeful as well as positive about this blog.

    I had 8 inquiries on Fiverr & made 4 sales.

    I have been making money on Fiverr since September and it’s been a pretty nice side hustle. I usually make enough to cover at least 3/4ths of my phone bill which is great, but in October I made enough to cover my entire phone bill which I was happy about. I try to answer all questions that are sent to me via my Inbox and provide information to people interested in working with me. So far I have had a great experience with selling on Fiverr and I’ve helped out quite a few people.

    Social Media Goals

    Instagram – 53 —> Increase to 90 followers.

    Pinterest – 5824 —> Increase to 6000 followers.

    Twitter – 1446 & 760 —> Increase by 80 followers.

    Facebook – 0 —> Increase to 100 followers.

    Post on Instagram at least 9x this month.

    I barely ever use Instagram, but I would like to learn how to properly use it so that I can effectively grow my following as well as market my content. I would like to become an Instagram Influencer some day as well.

    Create Facebook page and market content from this website.

    I really need to learn how to increase Facebook likes and engagement. It is not as easy for me to do in comparison to sites like Twitter and Pinterest. I will probably try some different strategies and see what happens this month.

    Post every piece of blog content at least 3 times on Twitter.

    I never post content on Twitter the way that I should. So this month, I will try to use tweetdeck to share and promote my content more.

    Post blog content on Pinterest and share each in Pinterest group boards.

    I hardly ever use Pinterest group boards, but I know that they can be beneficial. I create pins for various blog posts and some of them do really well for marketing content while others do decently well.

    Blog Goals

    Post at least 12 times this month on this blog.

    I have a list of the blog posts that I plan on writing about this month. I want to post 4 times a week at least to grow content and be able to help others as well.

    Reach at least 3000 views on my website.

    I feel like this is doable, but we shall see. It really just depends on how much I market.

    Promote posts.

    Tend to not promote my content as much as I should. So this month I plan on promoting on every social media account that I have.

    Make at least 20 comments on other blogs & websites.

    One thing that is great for ranking on Google involves creating backlinks. I plan on posting on at least 20 other websites.

    Create About Me, privacy policy, and disclaimer pages.

    I would like to make a great About Me page that shows off my personality, but also intrigues viewers to want to become regular readers. I’ll most likely edit this page every year or so. The privacy policy and the disclaimer page is also very important because it assists with creating legality for your blog if you are trying to make money from it.

    Money Goals

    Actively participate on Swagbucks and Cashcrate.

    I would like to make at least $100 via surveys, but this is all dependent on if I will take the time out to do it. There are people that make $500+ with survey sites and I am hoping that maybe I can eventually work myself up to that eventually.

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    Make at least 4 sales on Fiverr.

    I made 4 sales on Fiverr last month and I would like to make at least that many sales consistently again this month.

    Increase Adsense money on my other blog.

    I never really do that well with Adsense on my other blog. It doesn’t really make me more than $2 and usually I make around $1 each month.. so I am hoping that I can some how increase my ad revenue this month.


    income report

    My First Income Report – See how I made money online and how you can too!

    Overall, this month was a pretty decent month. I would like to make maybe $200 this month, but we’ll see what happens. I shall attempt to reach all of my goals this month. I hope that you guys are able to reach all of your goals as well!

    IS Swagbucks legit? I Spent 1 Week Using Swagbucks | Swagbucks Review

    Swagbucks Review

    I am sure a lot of you have heard of making money on Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a get paid to website where you can make money taking surveys, watching videos, signing up for offers, and receive cashback on purchases that you make. I signed up for Swagbucks years ago but I never really used it. So I decided to try the website out again to see if Swagbucks was legit and a decent website to make money on.

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    8 Blog Goals I’ve Set For Myself | Starting a Blog

    starting a blog
    starting a blog

    8 Blog Goals I’ve Set For Myself | Starting a Blog

    I’ve started multiple blogs in the past and most of them failed. I currently only have one other blog that is still running and through trial and error, I was successfully able to reach a decent amount of traffic every month. However, I created the website without really any structure or focus. This is one mistake that a lot of bloggers make. A lot of times with blogging people set certain goals for their blogs, but they aren’t realistic. So I plan on setting realistic goals for myself and following through with working up towards those goals overtime. With starting a blog, it is important to set blog goals for yourself and to reflect on the things that you’ve worked on and could focus on.

    Here is a list of the 7 blog goals that I’ve set for myself with starting a new blog;

    1. Use SEO to grow an organic reach for my website.
    2. Post at least 52 posts within a year of starting this blog.
    3. Have a mixture of keyword content and relatable content.
    4. Grow a decent following of collectively 12,000+ people on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, & Instagram.
    5. Invest in tools, books, and courses to increase my growth.
    6. Reach a point where I am making at least $500 a month from this blog alone.
    7. Participate in at least 10 sponsorships.
    8. Reach at least 30,000 sessions a month.

    Use SEO to grow an organic reach for my website.

    I keep reading different articles about search engine optimization and how to apply it so that my content can rank on Google. To be honest, I still feel like I am somewhat confused about the ways in which people are able to rank their pages on Google. However I do know that backlinks, the application of keywords, social shares, and content length plays a part in ranking on page 1 of Google for a specific keyword.

    Post at least 52 posts within a year of starting this blog.

    I am hoping that I can update my blog at least once a week. If I am consistent I will have at least 52 posts by this time next year.

    Have a mixture of keyword content and relatable content.

    My blog is a lifestyle blog which means I will talk about a variety of topics to help others as well as to inform and entertain. I am going to try to focus on using keywords and helping more so than focusing on other topics that I personally care about. I feel like this was something I didn’t do well with my other blogs in the past. I didn’t really make the attempts to help people in daily life. I was more so focused on sharing things that I liked or wanted which wasn’t really beneficial to my viewers.

    Grow a decent following of collectively 12,000+ people on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, & Instagram.

    I currently have a somewhat decent following. I am debating on creating and growing pages specifically for this blog. That way people will be able to follow my content on the social sites that they are more comfortable with using.

    Current Stats

    Pinterest – 5722 followers with 5.4 million monthly viewers

    Twitter – I have 2 accounts; 1448 followers & 766 followers

    Facebook – I haven’t started my page yet, but I plan on starting it this month.

    Instagram – 57 followers

    My current social media following total = 7,993 followers

    The only social media sites that I have been actively interacting on is Pinterest and Twitter. I have grown a pretty active and engaging following on the both of those and I am hoping to increase that growth.

    Invest in tools, books, and courses to increase my growth.

    I am a big believer on doing research (even though a lot of times I don’t apply it completely). I used to be extremely cheap when it came to blogging. I wanted to be able to blog for free about whatever I wanted while making money off of it. Eventually I realized that in order to make money blogging, I would have to pay for it. With this in mind, I plan on investing in a couple of books that I have had my eye on involving social media as well as Facebook ads. I also plan on investing in some social media scheduling tools. So far I have only used Tailwind which schedules pins on Pinterest and I have been loving it so far.

    I would like to take a course or two on affiliate marketing though. I am hoping that it will increase my income with blogging since many bloggers do make a lot of income from affiliates… which leads me to my next focus..

    Reach a point where I am making at least $500 a month from this blog alone.

    I know for sure that I should be able to make at least $500 a month from this blog alone. I know that it is doable. I actually created a list of topics to discuss and methods for making money with this blog. I think that planning the income sources ahead of time is extremely beneficial when it comes to blogging because you already know in advance what you need to focus on instead of relying on Google Adsense.

    Participate in at least 10 sponsorships on this blog. 

    I would love to obtain paid sponsorships. In the past, on my other blog I would receive free stuff from websites like BzzAgent and Influenster. However, now I would like to actually be paid for reviews and product focuses sometimes.

    Reach at least 30,000 sessions a month.

    In the past I would really be obsessed with looking at my traffic on Google Analytics. I would focus on the views and not the sessions. To be honest, I do not really know the complete difference of views and sessions or the similarities. However I found this blog post that explains what it is. My main reason for focusing on that many sessions is to be able to join Mediavine, which is a website that runs ads. The minimal session reach to join is 25,000 sessions a month. It’s similar to Google Adsense, but from reviews I have read… they pay much more than Google Adsense. I hope to reach the minimum amount of sessions so that I will be able to join it.

    starting a blog

    8 Blog Goals I Set For Myself | Starting A Blog

    With these blog goals in mind, I feel like I will be able to maintain a steady approach to blogging and be able to reach my goals. I will write a monthly post of my growth and things I’ve worked on every month to show my progress overtime. I’m excited and I can’t wait to see what happens on this journey of starting a blog.

    Keep following Blogging and Living for more lifestyle and blog related content you guys!

    Also, let me know what your blog goals are by leaving a comment down below!