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Hello, my name is Jasmine and I’m the owner of the website you’re viewing now, Blogging and Living!

Need a fashion blogger, influencer, or fashion reviewer! | Hire Me

Occasionally I share outfits, fashion reviews, and fashion videos here as well as across my social media.

I have a collective 17K following and in the year of 2022 alone so far… I’ve gotten over 94K views to my website.

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With the help of SEO aka search engine optimization, I am able to rank on the first page of Google for a multiple of blog posts including many fashion reviews.

If interested in working with me, I offer an assortment of promotional options.

Fashion Website Blog Review – I review your website and product sfrom your website using SEO research and mention where to purchase the product from if sold online or in stores.

Product feature – I make outfits using an item from your website SEO research and link to your website. I focus on either date night ideas, friend outtings, pick up options, or delivery.

This Reel received 2300+ views.

IG Reel / Youtube Short – I showcase products in a video.

Youtube Ad Creation – I create a 15-30 second video showcasing items for Youtube advertisement.

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Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook – I create a Pin that connects either to my review or your brand’s website.

Youtube – I create an outfit video or review video of your brand. This is great for new clothing releases!

Monthly & Quarterly brand promotions (Ambassadorship Fashion plan) – If you would like for me to feature your brand on a consistent basis I can too. I would share your brand across my social media either every month or quarterly.

If you’re interested in any of these options, feel free to email me at bloggingandliving@gmail.com !