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    IS Swagbucks legit? I Spent 1 Week Using Swagbucks | Swagbucks Review

    This post contains referral links. See disclaimer here. I am sure a lot of you have heard of making money on Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a get paid to website where you can make money taking surveys, watching videos, signing up for offers, and receive cashback on purchases that you make. I signed up for Swagbucks years ago but I never really used it. So I decided to try the website out again to see if Swagbucks was legit and a decent website to make money on. What is the Swagbucks The surveys range in price from 18 Swagbucks to 200 Swagbucks (which is rare). 1 Swagbuck is equivalent to a…

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    8 Blog Goals I’ve Set For Myself | Starting a Blog

    I’ve started multiple blogs in the past and most of them failed. I currently only have one other blog that is still running and through trial and error, I was successfully able to reach a decent amount of traffic every month. However, I created the website without really any structure or focus. This is one mistake that a lot of bloggers make. A lot of times with blogging people set certain goals for their blogs, but they aren’t realistic. So I plan on setting realistic goals for myself and following through with working up towards those goals overtime. With starting a blog, it is important to set blog goals for…