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There are certain blogging tools that I use to help make my blog more efficient and easier to manage. If you guys are interested in trying out these blogging resources, you should. They are definitely worth it!

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Siteground – If you’re starting a website, you can buy a domain from here & use Siteground for hosting so that you truly own your website. You pay $3.95 a month to run your blog. The tech support team is extremely helpful when it comes to helping you setup hosting for your website.

WordPress – Install and connect Siteground to it to establish your blog. Make sure to use and not . I made the mistake of using and it resulted in me losing out on money as well as actually owning my blog completely. There are also a lot of restrictions with so use guys!

Google Analytics – This is what you use to track your website traffic and where it comes from.

Keywords Everywhere Tool – Download this to your browser and it will open your world to so many keywords that you can use. I have even gotten blog post ideas from using this tool.


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Time Management

Planner – I use a planner to help me keep track of what I need to do for my blog and it really helps me out a lot.

Calendar app in my phone – I also use the calendar app in my phone and I schedule updates on when I need to post or when I need to market something on my blog.

Tailwind – This app helped me grow my Pinterest following from 1500 to 9000+ in 7 months. It also gets me 8000+ unique views a month on my other website. It is a must have for updating Pinterest if you have a busy schedule. It takes me maybe 6 hours to set it up for the entire month where it automatically posts to my Pinterest at anytime of day without me having to do it manually.

Get a free month of Tailwind by signing up for it here.



Befunky – I create/edit most of my Pinterest images with Befunky.


Social Media Marketing

Pinterest – The #1 social media referral for both of my blogs. It is a must have if you want to increase blog traffic.


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Flipboard – I just started using Flipboard after reading multiple blog posts of how easy it is to gain traffic from it. I am currently testing it out, but I’ll update you guys on if it has gotten me traffic or not in the future. Follow me on Flipboard!

Facebook – Setup a Facebook page and update it regularly. I recommend updating it at least twice a week if you can.

Twitter – You can gain a lot of visibility with Twitter.

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Instagram – Instagram is an ideal social media app if you plan on getting sponsorships with brands, but I it’s not that great for getting blog traffic. Grow your following if you plan on working with brands.


WordPress Plug-ins

Pinterest Pin It Button – This simply gives all of the images on your website a hover over Pinterest Pin It button which makes it easier for readers to share your blog posts to Pinterest.

Social Pug – This adds social share buttons to your page. It helps with encouraging more social shares on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

YoastSEO – I use this plug in to help me remember what I need to fix before I post a blog post. I also use it to edit the Meta description for each blog post.



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blogging tools