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I Tried Japanese Snacks with Tokyo Treat Subscription Box! | Food

I was sent Tokyo Treat to try for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

This post contains affiliate links. I maybe paid a small amount if an item is purchased. See Disclaimer for more info.

I am so excited because I have been wanting to try Tokyo Treat for years!

Tokyo Treat is the best subscription box to get if you want to try snacks from Japan and today I’m going to share with you what was in last months box!

Let’s jump into it!

I Tried Japanese Snacks with Tokyo Treat Subscription Box! | Food

How long did shipping take?

So shipping took less than 6 days, but keep in mind that this is a collaboration I’m doing with Tokyo Treat.

They shipped via DHL and I appreciate that I could track my shipment to see how far away they were from me within the delivery.

Trying Japanese Snacks

Watch me try these snacks on my Youtube channel or feel free to just read..

KitKat Royal Milk Tea

kitkat milk tea

This is a KitKat that is white chocolate, but has a hint of black tea in it. It wasn’t bad, but I will say I’m not a big white chocolate fan.

My fiance really liked them though.

melon cream soda

Melon Cream Soda

When I absolutely tell you guys I love this soda. I tried it a few years back at this ramen restaurant. It reminds me of honeydew melon to be honest. I highly recommend it!


Think of a cheeto cracker that is kind of on the sweet side.

It also has the texture of wafers. I probably would have liked it more if it was a bit more savory, salty than sweet.

Japanese gummies

Mini Gummies

I absolutely loved these. If I had to rank the flavors in order of the best tasting one to me; grape, cola, apple, ramune. However, all of them tasted wonderful to me.

Pai no Mi Mini Pies Peach Tart

Pai no Mi Mini Pies Peach Tart

The texture was like a little crunchy puff pastry. They have peach-infused white chocolate in the middle. They’re pretty decent. I would not have ever thought to combine peach and white chocolate together.

Another snack my fiance really liked.

Monjayaki Squid Chips

Monjayaki Squid Chips

When I tell you, the flavor is powerful. It’s basically chips that taste like crab and squid with some other seasonings to me.

Monjayaki originally is a savory pancake filled with cabbage, seafood, and meat cooked on a hot plate.

These chips kind of make me want to try the real deal Monjayaki.

Koikeya Ume Chips

Koikeya Ume Chips

I absolutely adored these and will definitely try to find a way to buy some to have in the house.

Ume is pickled sour plum which I never knew sour plum was a thing. It’s a savory, tangy, and zesty chip. To me the chips taste like a combination of vinegar and barbecue chips. They’re really good!


Castella Donut

This is a mildly sweet and cake style donut. The Castella cake was originally brought into Japan from Portugal before they made their own version.

It tastes just like a donut that isn’t overly sweet. I liked it!

Pokemon Chocolate Marshmallow

Pokemon Chocolate Marshmallow

This is a marshmallow snack that has a rich ganache-like chocolate cream inside of it.

I feel like this was amazing for smores.

Neko Banana Dorayaki

Neko Banana Dorayaki

This is another snack I plan on searching for and buying more of for my house. Think of a pastry with a banana infused filling. If you enjoy banana flavored desserts, then you’ll love this.

Hello Kitty Candy Mints

Hello Kitty Candy Mints

I didn’t even know Hello Kitty had candy mints, but you can get them in 3 flavors; strawberry, kiwi, and pineapple (which is what I received).

I did have to pop a couple in my mouth to get the full flavor, but these were pretty good.

Jumbo DIY Sauces Senbei

These tasted like thin versions of a rice cake, but you add this savory BBQ sauce to it.

Mitarashi Kibidango

This is a chewy, sweet, and savory mochi snack.

Honestly I wasn’t a fan of this one. I didn’t care for the texture or the flavor. I probably would have liked it more if it was sweet like a fruit.


Mini Choco Chip Cookies

These taste like chocolate chip cookies. Simple and I could definitely eat 4 more bags of these in one sitting.

Do I recommend Tokyo Treat subscription box?

I definitely do if you’re interested in Japanese snacks or just trying out new snacks in general.

They feature an assortment of foods you can check out and potentially even want to buy more of to have in your home!

I know a found a couple of snacks I plan on keeping a stash of in my house. LOL

Japan just makes so many good snacks.

I highly recommend you give them a try!

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