Why You Feel Sick At Home (But Not At Work) | Lifestyle

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If you’re sick, you should feel bad everywhere you go. But some people get into a strange situation where they are okay at work but feel dreadful once they return home. 

If that sounds like you, read this post. We explore some of the reasons why you might feel fine and dandy in the office, but totally off whenever you return to your house. 

Why You Feel Sick At Home (But Not At Work) | Lifestyle

Stress Patterns

One reason could be stress patterns. You might get a massive adrenaline rush while at work and come down from that when you get home. 

Many people crash after a stressful day at work. You’re okay in the office until you start traveling back and suddenly a wave of exhaustion comes over you. 

This problem gets even worse if you are relying on coffee to see you through the day. The more you drink, the worse it gets. 

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Sick Building Syndrome

Another reason you might feel fine at work but ill at home is the so-called “sick building syndrome.” This term entered the lexicon a little over a decade ago and refers to properties that seem to make everyone feel ill. 

The term originally applied to offices and HMOs, but people are now realizing it applies to homes, too. 

Sick building syndrome is often the result of dampness. Therefore, you’ll want to prioritize black mold testing if you have this problem. It can also arise from off-gassing furniture emitting harmful chemicals into the environment. Again, these can have metabolic consequences and leave you feeling sluggish and slow. 

In the most serious situations, the cause of feeling sick at home is elevated carbon monoxide levels from your boiler and other appliances. Installing a monitor should tell you if you have an issue with the gas instantly. 

Poor Indoor Air

You might also feel dreadful at home but okay at work if you have poor indoor air quality. Breathing in unwanted particles all the time can cause respiratory symptoms and allergic reactions galore. 

Pet dander is one of the worst offenders. Once it gets into your rooms, it’s hard to eliminate. 

Another issue is common dust. It can trigger sneezing. 

Most companies don’t have a dust problem because they regularly vacuum their floors and use professional cleaners. However, at home, you don’t have the same imperatives, leading to more of a buildup. 

You can improve poor indoor air quality by adding more ventilation and filters to your HVAC. The more you can remove, the better your breathing will be. 

Sleep Patterns

Finally, the reason you feel great at work but lousy at home could be your sleep patterns. For example, you might sleep on a regular schedule on weekdays (making you feel good), but stay up late at the weekend, causing you to feel exhausted the following days. 

You can improve your sleep by going to bed and waking up at the same time every night. You can also drink chamomile tea and spend more time winding down in the evening. You shouldn’t be checking in with work every five minutes. 

Hopefully you found these ideas helpful.

Make sure you take the time to address what could be making you feel sick. Your health is important.

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