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home security
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Looking to max home security for peace of mind? This is a hard one to achieve, But with some of the best tech around, you can make it much more challenging for any criminal to steal items and data. Why make it easy on someone who wants to ruin your life. Cybersecurity with RFID wallets and even USB blockers when in public are excellent. However, from smart locks to video doorbells, here are some of the best home security gadgets you can install right now.

Max Home Security with the Best Gadget Guardians | Home Lifestyle

home security

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New and Improved Windows

Who doesn’t love privacy? Whether it’s online or IRL, we all have the right to it. Of course, these days, it can be a challenge. You never know who is looking at your data or at you while at home. Of course, there are many things you can do online to increase cybersecurity. But what about the real world? Curtains and blinds work well. Fortunately, you can get a local window company to install privacy windows that block the view when you do not want blinds in your home. 

Max Home Security with Smart Locks

Smart tech is leading us into a new age of home maintenance, functionality, and security. They haven’t taken off as much as other smart devices. However, around 11% of US homes have them installed. Smart locks are excellent for keeping intruders out. They are much harder to pick than traditional locks because they aren’t quite the same inside. But they also offer advanced features. These include alerting you when someone tries to open them and remote control.

RFID Blocking Wallets

Did you know that your personal data can be stolen from your wallet without anyone even touching you? This is just as useful as someone actually stealing your bank card. Card cloning is possible just by walking past you using RFID sensors. Fortunately, there are RFID blocking wallets that prevent your sensitive data from being stolen. Wallets with RFID blockers work to ensure that no signals can get inside your wallet and transfer the data you have on your cards.

Artificial Intelligence Security

It’s improbable that you haven’t heard of artificial intelligence (AI) over the past year or so. It has exploded and is now used everywhere. One of the most useful features of AI is home security:

  • AI can detect and track suspicious behavior on your property.
  • It can alert you to the sound of breaking glass or unwarranted movement.
  • AI connects to a database of known criminals in your area.
  • AI controls home systems such as lighting to make it appear someone is home.
  • It can use behavioral analysis to identify if there is an intruder in your home.

More than something for writing your homework, AI has all kinds of uses. For home security, it is one of the most robust tools that you can use in the fight against crime and home intrusion.

2-in-1 HD Camera and Floodlight

Floodlights are a standard home security feature. And so are CCTV cameras. Yet they are both fairly complex to install and require maintenance. But what if you could combine the two? Well, now you can. 2-in-1 camera floodlights take the hassle out of installing two separate systems. They also provide enhanced security so you can see what is happening outside of your home. Further, most reliable brands offer multiple camera systems, such as night vision.

Video Doorbells for Max Home Security

You may have heard of Amazon’s video doorbells. But there are other brands available. Amazon sells the most with its Ring system. However, other brands make up the market with 37% of homes (as of 2022) using video doorbell systems. Ironically, many criminals have been caught trying to steal Amazon packages with video doorbell systems! However, they are a valuable tool for home safety. Before these, you had no way of knowing who was knocking!

Biometric Security Systems

Biometric home security is the pinnacle of tech. Biometrics is the technology that measures personal biological signatures to provide access (or restrictions) to specific people. This includes eye scanning, palm and fingerprint scanning, and even DNA scanning! The technology itself (even though it has been around for decades) is impressive. However, the most powerful thing is that it is almost (but not) impossible to trick it into providing unauthorized access.

Smart windows that provide instant privacy will help when trying to max home security. Modern AI systems play a role, with even Alexa being able to alert you to the sound of breaking glass. Biometric systems are very safe and can scan your eyes, fingerprints, and even your DNA!

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