4 Tips To Help You Prepare for Home Renovations | Lifestyle

home renovations
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Home renovations can be a massive upheaval before, during, and even after the work being carried out. You need to be prepared to go into this and ensure that you have a smooth start to the process, which can set the tone for how things go.

These tips can help you to prepare your home and start things off on the right foot.

4 Tips To Help You Prepare for Home Renovations | Lifestyle

home renovations

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It can be a great idea to declutter your home prior to starting any work. The less stuff you have to reconfigure around the house, the less cluttered and the easier it will be to navigate your home during work. Go room by room and get rid of anything you don’t want or need to free up some space. This way, when the time comes to start the work, there is less to worry about.

It can be a good idea to book dumpster rentals before the renovations to help you remove anything from your decluttering to make life a bit easier. Then they’re already there when the work starts!

Remove As Much As Possible

Unlike decluttering, where you get rid of items you no longer need, removing items simply means putting them into storage. While you can’t get rid of everything, especially if you are living in the property during the work, you can look at what isn’t essential and move it into storage, be it a storage unit or your garage, clear your home of any unnecessary belongings to protect them until they can be brought back in again. This goes for large pieces of furniture, anything loose, light fittings, etc.

The reason for doing so is that you have less to maneuver around when you have reduced space and less to clean, as the dust generated from the work will cover everything and can cause damage.

Cover Everything

Back to the dust. The dust from construction work is immense, not to mention the debris from removing walls, building new parts of the ohus, and essentially carrying out the entire reno. Everything needs to be covered as much as possible so it doesn’t get covered in dust, and you can keep it clean even if it’s in a different room. If you can or want to, seal off the room or area where the work is done to reduce how much escapes and then cover everything else, such as units, carpets, sofas, etc, to limit damage. If it can’t be removed, it needs to be covered; never think it’s too far away not to be affected; cover it just in case.

Prepare Mentally

You might think you are ready, but living through renovations is much different than the thought of it, no matter how prepared you are. There will be excessive noise, dirt, people in and out, even if you’re doing it yourself, and general disruption to your life. Your home will be messy for a long while, and you will constantly be moving things and falling over boxes or items you have had to move around to clear space for the work. If you’re someone who likes things just so and clear and organized, this can be hard to get used to. So prepare yourself for a different way of living for a temporary period. Think of how bad it can be and set your level there. And if it’s not that bad, then fantastic, but if it is, then at least you’re prepared.

Preparing for your reno work is just as important as all of the other parts of the process. You and your home need to be ready for everything this entails, and the more prepared you are, the easier it will be for everyone.

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