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Have you heard the term healthy home and wondered what it means? A healthy home is a home that is set up to keep residents safe, diwan, happy, healthy, and free from contaminants and risks to health. 

Essentially, keeping your home clean and tidy and ensuring that nothing in it can harm those who live in or visit the property gives you a better quality of life.

But in reality, how do you carry this out to ensure that you aren’t overlooking any spaces that aren’t included in your usual cleaning schedule?

Maintaining A Healthy Home: 8 Tips for Elevated Cleaning | Lifestyle

Make A List

In the first instance, you want to make a list of everything in your home that needs cleaning or can potentially be harmful. This should include things like your carpets, under cabinets and appliances, filters, inner workings of appliances, walls, ceilings, door handles, window frames, toys, soft furnishings, and so on.

Then look at how big of a job each one is and how frequently you think they should be cleaned. Some tasks like cleaning vents or filters can be done on a monthly or three-monthly basis; other jobs like cleaning windows might need to be done weekly or daily in the case of dirty floors from pets or vacuuming from busy family life while cleaning your upholstery might only need to be done a few times per year.

Create A Cleaning System

There aren’t many people who enjoy cleaning their house from top to bottom on a regular basis. And even if you do, you want to be cleaning in the most efficient way possible.

Look at how you clean the room currently and how you can improve this. Some tips include;

  • Starting and finishing in the same place
  • Working from top to bottom
  • Starting left to right
  • Working around the room in a systematic way

Once you have a system in place for cleaning one room, apply this to the whole house so you can work from room to room quickly and in a process that makes sense so you can cut down on time spent cleaning and ensure you don’t miss anything.

clean home

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Call In Pros

If keeping your home spick and span and happy and healthy is too big of a job for you or you need additional help getting to a high standard for you to maintain, then it can be worth looking at hiring a cleaning company who can take over specific tasks for you and ensure that your home clean and is healthy. You can book in for a weekly clean or a one-off deep clean to get you started, or have cleaners only clear certain rooms or perform certain cleaning duties for you.

Other professionals that help you in keeping your home healthy include upholstery and carpet cleaning services, Pest Control services, jet wash companies to clean the exterior of your home, or those specializing in oven cleaning or cleaning appliances such as HVAC engineers who can assist in keeping your HVAC clean and free from build-up.

Clean Your Cleaning Tools

One often overlooked aspect of cleaning your home is how clean you keep the tools you use to clean. Over time, dirt and dust can build up on the appliances you use to keep your home clean and can facilitate in spreading this dirt around your home instead of removing it.

Clean your vacuum, your brushes, and mops, disinfect your cleaning cloths, and ensure that your cleaning apparatus doesn’t have any germs that can infect your home; for example, a study from the University of Arizona found that 50% of vacuums test for bacteria contained fecal matter. If that doesn’t push you to give your vacuum a deep clean, then what will?

Wash Soft Furnishings

Washing your blankets, cushion covers, duvets, etc., can help you rid your home of anything that can impact your health. While spraying them with sanitizer can help, getting rid of dust that will accumulate in the fibers and deep down dirt can allow you to elevate the levels of hygiene in your home.

Using carpet cleaning machines for carpets, rugs, sofas, mattresses, etc., can also be beneficial and let you clean away dirt that is hidden from the naked eye.

Use An Air Filter

On their own, air filters can be practical tools in your home to remove particles in the air that can be damaging your health, but when used in conjunction with a thorough cleaning schedule and regular vacuuming, you can benefit from elevated levels of hygiene within the home, which can be extra beneficial for those living with allergies.

If you are going to use air filters in your home, opt for HEPA filters, which can reduce particulates in the air by up to 99.95% and can remove mold, dust, airborne infections, bacteria, and pollen, to name a few.

Ventilate Well

Homes that don’t have anywhere for air particles or moisture to escape will find that they tend to build up and become a bigger problem over time. Open windows in rooms where there is an abundance of moisture to avoid damp build-up, i.e., kitchens and bathrooms. Use vents for rooms without windows, and if you cannot allow for moisture to escape or you want to take extra precautions to avoid mold in your home, use dehumidifiers to absorb excess moisture and ensure your home remains healthy. Mold can be extremely harmful to your health; black mold is a fungus that can trigger allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and congestion.

Use Natural Cleaners

The use of many cleaning chemicals can also be harmful to your health, not just if you happen to mix different chemicals by accident, which can cause a reaction. While it might feel like you are doing everything right, having different cleaners for different tasks can sometimes worsen the issue.

Make a switch to using more natural cleaning products and make your own using items such as dish soap, lemons, steam, vinegar, and baking soda.

Keeping your home clean and healthy is no mean feat and requires you to be constantly on top of your cleaning schedule to avoid build-up and contaminants that can impact your health. However, making small changes in how you clean your home, the products you use, and how frequently you clean certain parts of your home can help you make your home as clean and healthy as possible.

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