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get kids to exercise
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Parents have a lot of duties and responsibilities, and sometimes it can all feel as though you’re talking and no one’s listening. You’re explaining why healthy eating is important, but the kids still want sugary snacks, for example, and you plead with them to clear up their rooms only to find that five seconds later, there are toys and clothes all over the floor again… it’s a never-ending struggle. 

Of course, when you step back and re-think your strategies, you’ll generally find there are better ways to do things that make everyone happy, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to getting your kids to exercise more. The lure of the screen is a powerful one, and you might want your kids to get outside and move around, but coming up with a plan to ensure that happens isn’t always easy – luckily, we have some ideas that should work.

How To Get Your Kids To Exercise | Lifestyle

get kids to exercise

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Do It With Them 

One thing that’s guaranteed when it comes to children is that they will copy what their parents do. Even if they’re told something different, it’s actions that speak so much louder than words when it comes to parenting – so that’s what you need to bear in mind. 

In other words, if you want your kids to exercise more, you need to exercise too. When you’re with them, they’ll see that it’s an important thing to do and they’ll see that you’re following your own advice, not to mention the fact that exercising (or playing, as it might turn out to be!) with your kids is a fantastic way to bond with them. 

Make It Fun

One of the issues with exercise is that it doesn’t always sound like a lot of fun, and when the alternative is playing a video game, watching videos online, or even reading a book (all of which have their place, of course), then exercise is generally going to be last on the list of things to do – everything else is much more enjoyable. 

Things can change quickly, however, if you make things fun. Turn exercise into a game, and you’ll have the kids clamoring to play with you, whatever it might be. Perhaps it’s a sporting game with some added competition (or even a prize), or maybe you suggest you all splash around in the pool, or perhaps you take everyone on a nature walk in the local park or woods. Even playing Let’s Dance is a great idea. All of this can be exercise, but it’s fun too – the kids might not even notice they’re getting fit! 

Make It Safe

Kids don’t forget, and if they get hurt doing any kind of exercise – or game – they’ll be reluctant to try it again. Instead, they’ll want to stick to the places and things they know are safe. If your child is hurt, even a little bit, when they play sports or do any kind of physical activity, you might find it hard to persuade them to try it again. 

So that’s why you need to make every activity a safe one so they don’t get into this mindset and they keep exercising, whether they’re aware that that’s what they’re doing or not. You can invest in pool fencing, for example, or have exercise mats in place, or teach them how to stretch, or have a first aid kit on hand, and the list goes on. Making things as safe as possible means less trauma and more exercise.

Overall these are the different ways to help your kids to get exercise.

Try them out! You’ll be surprised by what works!

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