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How a Well-Maintained Garden Can Actually Boost Property Value | Home

well maintained garden
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When you think of property value, you most likely think about expanding the house, painting, or even some good old-fashioned curb appeal, right? Well, when it comes to enhancing the curb appeal and overall value of your property, a well-maintained garden can be a secret weapon. For the most part, curb appeal is usually geared more towards the front of the house, not so much the back of your house where your backyard/ garden is located. 

Most homeowners don’t spend too much time in the front of their house; it’s usually the back where there’s more privacy. But this space is just as important! While yes, first impressions matter for the front of the house, having a nice and safe outdoor living space that a garden provides is just as important (if not more). 

So, beyond being a haven for relaxation and recreation, a beautifully landscaped garden can significantly impact the perceived value of your home- by a lot! But how exactly can your backyard garden even do this? Well, here’s everything you need to know!

How a Well-Maintained Garden Can Actually Boost Property Value | Home

well maintained garden

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First Impressions Matter

The first impression of your entire home, both inside and out, matters. Even the less used spots like the attic, basement, crawl spaces, and closets all matter too, when it comes to first impressions. So why wouldn’t your garden? While it’s true that when it comes to the front lawn, the exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers see. But depending on how laid out your back garden is (such as no walls), then this is going to have to add to first impressions of what people can easily see when passing by. 

In general, you need to know and count on the fact that a well-maintained garden creates a positive and lasting first impression. So, just like the front lawn, it has the same characteristics as the back, like lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and neatly trimmed hedges, since these all convey a sense of care and attention to detail, setting the stage for a favorable perception of the entire property.

It’s An Extended Living Space

If you really think about it, a backyard- particularly one with a gorgeous garden-like design is technically meant to be an outdoor living space. It’s like your living room but with more fresh air. So, a thoughtfully designed garden can function as an extension of your home. So you’ll need to focus on creating outdoor living areas, such as a well-appointed patio, cozy seating nooks, or a charming garden path since these add some usable square footage to your property. Plus, buyers often appreciate the potential for outdoor enjoyment, making your home more attractive and functional.


Your front lawn isn’t technically meant to have privacy unless you live in one of those luxury homes that are entirely gated off. But when it comes to pricing your home, privacy is always going to help get the job done. Privacy just always helps boost up prices because every homebuyer wants privacy. 

So, when it comes to your back garden, it’s going to be strategic landscaping that helps provide a sense of privacy and tranquility. In general, the whole goal is to transform your garden into a peaceful retreat. Everyone wants that touch of nature, their own personal oasis that’s blocked off from the rest of the world. So this can easily be done with some tall trees, shrubs, or fencing, as this can create a natural barrier, enhancing the sense of seclusion.

Low Maintenance Appeal

For this one, it is all going to be up to you and how you personally designed your garden. Some people love the appeal of literally not having to lift a finger for their garden, while others enjoy the idea of always giving it TLC. You probably can’t market this to everyone, but usually, low maintenance tends to get more attention. 

So, what you need to keep in mind is the fact that a well-maintained garden doesn’t necessarily equate to high maintenance (something a lot of people get confused about). So, just by opting for low-maintenance plants, a well-designed irrigation system, and durable landscaping materials can create an attractive garden that is also easy to care for. In all honestly, this can be a major selling point for buyers who desire beauty without the burden of extensive upkeep. When it comes to plants, most trees are low maintenance. Pick some grass so they don’t die easily, and maybe stay away from cottage-focused flowers since those tend to die quickly in poor conditions (like too cold or too dry). 

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