4 Tried-and Tested Tips For Elevating Your Style Game | Fashion

elevate style
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Bored of your current style, or never had much to begin with? We’ve all been there. Sometimes we just look in the mirror and feel quite uninspired by what we see. Life’s too short to wear outfits that don’t elevate our minds and souls, so if you’ve found yourself in that position, then it’s time to take action

Elevating your style can sound like a long and difficult task, but in actual fact, it’s one of the simplest! Indeed, you can have a brand-new style in as little as a few weeks if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. In this post, we’ll run through five effective tips for pushing your style to the next level.

4 Tried-and Tested Tips For Elevating Your Style Game | Fashion

elevate style

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Play Around

Step one: play around with the clothes that you currently have in your wardrobe. If you’ve already got some nice clothes, then it might be the clothing that’s the problem, but rather how you’re putting them together. There are a million ways to style a single item of clothing, so set aside an evening to have a mini fashion show by yourself. You might just discover that by pairing a couple of distinct items together, you can create an original style that you love — and which will turn heads.

Invest in Quality Essentials

Of course, your problem could be your current wardrobe of clothes. Some people have a great sense of style, only to dampen the impact of their outfits by wearing low quality items. You’ll find that it’s much easier to leave your home with full confidence in your look if you invest in quality items. As it’s unlikely that you’ll have the budget to buy the best of the best for all the items you’ll wear, it’s best to focus on the essentials. If you have quality Alden shoes, a great winter coat that will last years on end, and brand-name jeans, then you’ll have the basics of a great look. From there, it’ll just be about adding a few details to complete the outfit.

Look International

If you’re feeling slightly brave, then consider looking at international clothing stores that have websites. This is a good approach because you normally get interesting, well-made clothing, but crucially, you’ll have items that no one else in your town has. It’s like buying high-end clothing, but cheap — it’s just as exclusive because few people take the time to order from other countries

Find a Style Mentor 

Another option is to find a style mentor. This is a good idea for people who haven’t got much experience with styling themselves, at least in the beginning. It’s not so much that you’re outsourcing the responsibility of your style to someone else. A style mentor can work to give you feedback and tips that will push you in the right direction. Most people are happy to be asked for feedback about style if they’re already passionate about clothing. So find someone who you always think dresses well, and see what they have to say.

Try these tips out for improving your everyday fashion. You’ll definitely start feeling more confident in your style and you’ll even probably turn some heads!

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