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If you are on the hunt for a family home and you’re looking to get out of the city, then you need to get out there and look at what suburbs might appeal to you and your family. The problem is trying to choose a suburb among the very many out there. There are plenty of reasons to move out of the city, from the air quality to the crime rate to the fact that maybe your job is moving. 

But moving to a family-friendly suburb isn’t always the easiest thing to do if you’ve been living the city life for a long time. For example, choosing the best Denver suburb is probably the best thing that you can do, but it’s going to take some time to seek out the right one. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of ways that you could choose a suburb that’s better and more family-friendly. Let’s take a look at some of the key essentials that make your family-friendly suburb stand out.

Want to Move? How to Choose a Family-Friendly Suburb | Lifestyle

Start by looking at childcare and school options.

 If you’re moving to a family-friendly place, it stands to reason that you’ll be looking at childcare and schools first and foremost. The suburbs that have good childcare facilities, as well as kindergarten, primary, and secondary options, are sought after for a number of reasons. The close proximity of that suburb means that you don’t have to spend a long time in traffic and you can do any school runs or drop-offs. If you’re working from home, this will be especially important for you. There’s also every possibility that your kids will make friends in the neighborhood, which means they can walk to school together. Your children being able to do this is going to be a key part of their development and their social lives, as they need to build these when they move to a new suburb too.

What does public transport look like?

We just mentioned the fact that you wouldn’t avoid sitting around in traffic, and that means checking out what the public transport looks like. Sure, you might still drive your car from place to place, but if you can go on a bus or train or tram rather than sit in traffic, wouldn’t you want to? The proximity of your new suburb to public transport might not seem like such a massive thing when your babies are still young, but when your teenagers are older and start asserting their independence you may not find they want to get in the car to be dropped off to school anymore.

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How far away are the local shops?

Shops and services such as medical centers, dentists, and hairdressers should be somewhere that’s close enough to you that you don’t have to sit in traffic for an hour to get to. The whole idea of the suburb is that you want to find something that’s convenient for you. As a new investor, you should look at the suburbs that offer a range of options within a close. Ideally, there should be a large shopping center nearby with a variety of shops as well as entertainment facilities and potentially a food court. This should be easy to access either by foot or by public transport so that you don’t have to drive there. Remember, this is all about convenience.

Look for places with good community facilities.

You don’t just need well-maintained parts for pushing the baby in the pram. The kids need somewhere to play and you need to find opportunities for communal activities. Sports facilities such as cricket fields, tennis courts, ovals, outdoor gym equipment, parks, and green spaces are all places you should look for when you move to the suburbs. You might also consider somewhere with an indoor community center where children can gather in school vacation times. Additional facilities like libraries are also important, so make sure that you’re looking for suburbs that have those. There are plenty of suburbs that also host community events, such as farmers markets and fairs, so if you can find somewhere that does that, it will mean that you can really ingratiate yourself.

Looking for somewhere safe?

A good family-friendly suburb is one that has a low crime rate and where you can move around freely without having to worry about being robbed or having somebody attack you. A safe somewhere will also help your property value to soar, not plummet.

Overall make sure you consider these things when planning on moving. Where you live is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in life so make sure you take the time to evaluate the different factors within the environment.

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