Tried It: Outre Amber Half Wig Review + Wig Install | Hair Review

outre amber half wig
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I recently have been rocking the Outre Amber Half Wig and I wanted to share with you guys if it’s worth the buy.

Tried It: Outre Amber Half Wig Review + Wig Install | Hair Review

I bought this wig from Ebonyline which is a website that specializes in wigs and hair.

I was really excited to buy this wig because it was only $13.99.

The Outre Amber half wig comes in a multiple of colors, but I purchased it in the color DR425.

I actually made a Youtube video on how I made it look like this.

It has 4 combs and a drawstring at the back.

This is a synthetic wig.

I did not leave any of my own hair out within installing this wig.

I created bangs by cutting some of the hair in the front.

I recommend either fluffing it out with your fingers or a comb.

I have been wearing this wig since May and I really like it for at home wear.

It’s great to wear for content creation that’s for sure, but you might not be able to get away with wearing it in real life out the house.

I also did a one month update of my experience with wearing this wig after 29 days of wear.

I plan on trying the Outre Amber half wig again in a darker color like 1B to see if I could get away with wearing it normally in everyday life.

Do you guys like this color?

Let me know in the comments below!

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