Five Steps To Declutter Your Home | Lifestyle

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Sometimes giving your home a makeover can be as simple as decluttering your home. Often, an overcrowded home can make our house look dated or small. A simple refresh and clear-out can make a world of difference to the appearance of your home. This article will examine five steps to restore your home to its former glory.

Five Steps To Declutter Your Home | Lifestyle

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Rent A Storage Unit

Renting self-storage units can help you create additional space to store much-loved items outside your home. If you need a declutter but cannot bring yourself to part with some of your belongings, consider storing them. Many self-storage units provide flexible rent options until you decide what to do with your items. Avoid storing items of sentimental value, but consider storing furniture or larger pieces that are currently cluttering up your home.

Imagine Your Ideal Space

Are you struggling to imagine precisely how much decluttering you need to do? Imagine what your ideal space would look like. How much room is available? What items do you want to highlight, and which ones occupy space? Sit in each room and consider how it would look in an ideal world. Use this to direct your clean-up and organization process.

Keep, Recycle, Throw

As you move through your space, create collections of items you want to keep, recycle or throw away. In your recycling pile, you may have items that can be donated or sold on Vinted. In your throw-away pile, you could place items that are old, damaged, or cannot be sold or recycled. Move through each room and repeat the same steps until you’ve got three piles in each space of your home. 

We already talked about storage units above, but we want to reiterate how helpful they can be. Even if you want to keep certain items but you don’t want them in your home, these units are helpful as you don’t need to chuck them out!

Get Creative With Your Storage

Before you put your items back, review the existing storage you have on your own and look for opportunities to upgrade. For example, you could invest under-bed storage with slide-out boxes to store items. You could purchase tables or footrests with additional storage inside for additional places to place the items you want to keep.

Put Items Back

You should now have a list of items you want to keep. Consider if you want to store these in the home or a storage locker. For the items you want to keep, you might want to store these away or consider moving them into a new room to enhance the space. For example, you might find that the coffee table in your living room works well as a side table in your bedroom. Or that art that looks cluttered in your kitchen works well in your lounge.

Decluttering your home is a cost-effective alternative to refresh your living space. Consider whether you need additional storage if you have many items you want to keep but only a little space in the home. Imagine what you want your ideal space to look like so you can motivate yourself to embark on the decluttering process. 

Create keep, recycle and throw piles, and buy additional storage to help you neatly put away the items you wish to keep. Finally, review your items and decide whether you can make the most of them by placing them in another area of the home.

Originally posted August 30, 2023.

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