Is It Possible To Eliminate Your Electricity Bill? | Lifestyle

eliminate electricity bill
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Many people work in jobs to pay the bills. They show up every day to work they don’t particularly like to make sure they have the money to power their dishwasher and provide lighting in the evening, 

But what if paying the bills was unnecessary? What if you could eliminate your electricity fee from the power company entirely? A few years ago, that would have seemed impossible. Today, it’s a reality for many. 

Being free from a monthly electricity bill has all sorts of perks. For one, you’re no longer at the whims of the market. Even if prices rise, it won’t affect you because you’re using some other method to generate the electricity you need. 

Another great factor is the fact that you don’t need to constantly generate money to pay for your lifestyle. Your property is essentially generating electricity for you. 

Is It Possible To Eliminate Your Electricity Bill? | Lifestyle

eliminate electricity bill

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Technology Is Making A Bill-Free Future Possible

Many people are currently on the quest for energy independence because they want to experience these benefits. And it is becoming increasingly attainable due to advances in renewable energy-generation technologies and falling costs. Frankly, it is much cheaper today than in the past to build your own energy generation system. 

According to The Home Solar Source, many people can eliminate their energy bills with solar alone. PV panels convert incoming solar radiation directly into electricity which they can use immediately or store in a home-based battery. 

Even solar panels installed in cold climates can generate a lot of energy. Many systems can power 1,500-watt ovens, hairdryers, gaming PCs, and other high-energy appliances. Systems that cover the entire roof are enough for a family of four to say goodbye to their energy bills for good, except perhaps in the depths of winter. 

Wind is another option worth considering. While it is a little trickier and more expensive to install, it can be more reliable in some locations. Small-scale turbines can provide backup power at night when the sun doesn’t shine, allowing homeowners to diversify their energy generation. 

Battery storage is also making the game significantly easier for those who want to get off-grid. Firms are now offering a way for homeowners to store the energy they produce on their properties until they need it. This way, solar power or wind energy doesn’t go to waste. 

Net Zero Homes And Challenges Of Eliminating Electricity Bills

The move towards eliminating energy bills is part of the government’s push for net zero. Households that pay nothing for electricity are essentially generating their energy from renewable sources. 

Many people benefit from tax credits and incentives when adopting renewable technology. These make it significantly cheaper and often offset the high upfront cost of many of these systems. 

But while the concept of eliminating energy bills seems enticing, there are several hurdles in the way.

Costs may be too high for some families, while geographical or plot limitations might be in the way for others.

Energy-efficient homes are easier to achieve, but they still require you to pay a company for the energy you use.

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