Can’t Cook or Won’t Cook? Saving Time on Meals | Lifestyle

saving time for meals
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Saving time on meals offers you more to get other things done. A quick trip to a drive-through is pretty convenient on the way home from work, but delivery apps offer much more choice.

Can’t Cook or Won’t Cook? Saving Time on Meals | Lifestyle

saving time for meals

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Prep the Night Before

Preparation is key for pretty much everything. Preparing your meals for work or even a day out the night before means you have more time to attend to important things. Sandwiches, hot leftovers, and fruit bags keep well in the fridge, and you can just grab them before you leave. Services like Yumble also offer on the go lunch combinations you can build to your own tastes. These are convenient pre-prepared meals and snacks, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Hit a Drive-Through

It’s too much hard work to get out of your car and walk into a restaurant these days. Fortunately, we have drive-throughs. Most family-favorite places like McDonald’s, KFC, and even coffee shops like Starbucks offer this wonderful experience. The great thing about these, though, is that they can be very quick and convenient. This makes drive-throughs a great option when time is severely limited, or you just want to get home with a good meal after a hard day at the office.

Saving Time on Meals with Boxes

Subscription boxes are a booming industry these days. You can subscribe to almost anything, from cosmetics and chocolates to alcohol and weeknight meals. Services like Hello Fresh and Gousto are perfect examples. You can select your meals and which days of the week you would like your meals for, and they are packed and shipped to you with recipe cards. You cook them yourself, but you save time by not going to the supermarket or deciding each night’s meal.

Pre-Order and Pick Up

Almost all restaurants and take-outs have a phone ordering system where you can call in your order and pick it up later. This is way more convenient if you are leaving work and you can pick up your food on the way home. Or you can even order your lunch early and shoot out from the office to collect it. This is even a popular way to socialize at work, where everyone chips in, and meals are ordered for communal dining, and it is great if there are very limited options for food.

Get Deliveries with Apps

Where would we have been during the pandemic without food delivery apps? One survey found that almost 60% of people agreed that Uber Eats helped them a lot during lockdown. Today, there are many food service apps, such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, and FoodHub. Some brands are even using their own apps for deliveries these days. Delivery apps are quick, easy to use, and very convenient. Although the costs do begin to add up with service and delivery charges.

You can prepare your food the night before to save time on meals. Meal box subscriptions are also pretty convenient. But for quick and easy food service, delivery apps are your best choice.

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