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15+ Hair Video Ideas for Wig Influencers for Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram Reels

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If you’re a wig influencer or you want to become one, you have to have wig videos available for your potential audience or even brands that may want to work with you to look at when they check out your account.

Whether creating content on Youtube, Tiktok, or Instagram… you need to have some wig videos posted.

Today I’m going to share with you guys a variety of videos you can make with one wig.

15+ Hair Video Ideas for Wig Influencers for Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram Reels

This is how many videos you can create with 1 wig;

Wig Haul

If you bought multiple wigs and you want to include the wig, you can.

You can share how excited you are about the wigs, where you might where them, maybe mention some outfit ideas, or some wig hairstyles you think would be cute to put the wigs in.

Wig First Impression and Wig Install

Install the wig and share your first thoughts on the wig.

Do you like it?

Who do you think would like it?

Is it big head friendly?

Where would you wear this wig?

Let the people know.

Wig review

Share your overall thoughts on the wig.

Does it shed? How does it handle heat?

Does it tangle?

Does it look wiggy?

Talk about it!

1 month wig update

Share your experience with the wig after 1 month.

GRWM ft wig

Create a video showing how you get ready for an event i.e. date night, concert, work, etc. and showcase the wig.

2 month wig update

Share your experience with the wig after 2 months.

Wig revamp

Show how you cut up a wig into a whole new style where it may look like a different wig.

Whether you want to cut it shorter, cut some bangs, or try a new hairstyle that makes it look completely different.. experiment and revamp the wig.

Show how you curl the wig

You can either use a hot curler or use rollers to curl a wig.

5+ hairstyles you can do with wig

Share the variety of quick hairstyles you can do with this wig.

Recreating Celebrity hair w/wig

Does the wig remind you of a celebrity’s hair?

Create a video showing how you are channeling this celebrity and how you recreated the look.

Create a Popular Hairstyle using the Wig

IS there a popular hairstyle people are rocking on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, or Tiktok?

Recreate the look with this wig.

Favorite Wig Revisit

Showcase your favorite wigs currently or for the season.

Show how to clean wig

Share how you wash your wig and dry it.

Share how you dye a wig

Turn a wig into a whole new color.

Wearing the same wig for a week.

Rock the same wig and show how it held up or the different styles you made with it.

Wearing different wigs for a week.

Include this wig in the 5 or 7 day roundup of your week of wigs.

So that’s my roundup of hair ideas for wig video ideas if you want to become a wig influencer.

Do you guys have any other wig video ideas?

Let me know in the comments down below!

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