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My 8 Months on Youtube so far | Being a Youtuber

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So I started Youtube June 2022 for the 4th time and I am really proud of myself for being consistent thus far.

Today I figured I would share with you guys a couple thoughts I am having my 8th month with doing Youtube.

My 8 Months on Youtube so far | Being a Youtuber

Firstly I am trying my hardest to stay positive because results are all over the place.

Some videos take a while to reach 20+ views while other videos could get 100 views in less than 24 hours.

I currently have 76 videos uploaded which is a mixture of Youtube shorts and long form videos.

I have just been experimenting to see what topics pop off to be honest.

Sometimes I catch myself feeling a little down when videos aren’t taking off, but I am for sure trying to focus on being positive.

It’s important to always shout out affiliate links.

I try to always verbally and even in written form try to let anyone who watches my video know when something in my video is available for purchase that’s featured in my video.

I feel like this leads to more affiliate sales if someone sees something that they like.

If I’m being honest, doing Youtube is hard.

Sooo Youtube is hard in the sense of staying focused on a target and a goal without feeling doubtful when your views are low.

The thing that gets me is editing a video for 6 hours and trying to stay motivated when you only get 7 views within 2 days… my gosh… it really cuts me deep. LOL

I enjoy whenever I finish creating a video and I actually love it.

I always feel good when a video comes to life and looks like what I had in my mind.

I also will sometimes go back and watch my own videos too because for the most part… I enjoy what videos I have created.

I feel accomplished for being consistent.

I think the other thing that has been making me feel good is that even though my views aren’t very high.. is that I absolutely love that I have been keeping up with my uploads.

Being consistent is making me feel more motivated to keep going.

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My overall goal is honestly to do Youtube for 4 years straight.

I don’t want to take any breaks to be honest.

The goal is to upload at least twice a week or to play catch up if I miss a day of uploading.

I want to see if I can at least make enough money to cover my main bills or just even my groceries for the month.

I would absolutely love that.

So I’ll check back in again to share with you guys my experience with doing Youtube.

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