Trying a healthy subscription box for the 1st time, UrthBox! | Healthy Snacks

urthbox review
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This was sent to me to try for free. All opinions are my own.

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I love whenever I find healthy snacks that I enjoy because I’m trying to work on being a healthier me.

One of the ways to try healthy snacks is to try out the Urthbox.

The UrthBox is a subscription box that sends a variety of healthy snacks monthly that are either vegan or gluten free.

Today I’m going to share with you guys some of the snacks that I received in the recent Urthbox.

Trying a healthy subscription box for the 1st time, UrthBox! | Healthy Snacks

So upon looking through everything that I received in the UrthBox, the main reason why I feel like you should subscribe is because you get a chance to try a variety of snacks and if you don’t like something then you don’t have to worry about wasting money.

Think of it like you can try different snacks withou having to pay full price for a full size that might cost you a lot of money (especially since healthy snacks can be on the pricer side).

I definitely think it’s a smart way to try new foods and figure out what healthy snacks are worth the buy.

urthbox review

So let’s jump into what was in the UrthBox.

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs in Vegan Nacho Vibes – 8/10

They taste somewhat similar to Cheetos cheese puffs, but with a slight sweetness hint to it.

Amki sesame thins – 0/10

I honestly thought these were going to be salty, but they were sweet and had an overwhelmng sesame taste.

I didn’t like them at all (especially since I’m not a fan of sesame flavored foods).

Hippeas Veggie Straws Sour Cream & Onion – 8/10

They sent 3 of these.

These taste pretty good.

Super crunchy and the flavor of sour cream/onion is definitely within these… very flavorful.

Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels in Espresso – 0/10

So I don’t like coconut, milk, or Espresso which is why I didn’t like these candies at all.

Koochikoo Lollipops – 5/10

I believe there were 8 in the pack.

These have no sugar added, but the flavor is lacking.

I had to pretty much press my tongue against these lollipops to even get a flavor off of them.

These would probably be great for kids if you don’t want them to have a lot of sweets (maybe as a placebo candy), but adults wouldn’t like them.

Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs in vegan cheesy cheddar – 8/10

They sent 3 of these.

These taste like Cheeto Puffs for sure, but they’re a more harder, crunchier consistency.


Craize Sweet Corn Toasted Snack Crackers – 6/10

They taste slightly like sweet corn flakes.

I think they would be good with salsa, guacomole, and queso.

Baja Dried Mango Strips – 5/10

They sent 3 of these.

I don’t like mango, but I feel like mango lovers would like these.

They are pretty sweet. They actually taste way more flavorful than a mango does in reality in my opinion.

They’re also super chewy.

Camp Plant First Vegan Mac & Cheese

So I haven’t exactly tried this yet, but I’ll report back what it tastes like soon.

NuRange Cold Brew Coffee+ – 1/10

They sent 2 of these.

I don’t drink coffee, but it tastes more like an aftertaste of coffee.

My boyfriend drinks coffee and he didn’t really care for it at all to be honest.

The box also came with a 30% off coupon for this coffee too.

Niagara Chocolates in Milk Chocolate & Almond Toffee- 9/10

They sent 2 toffee bars.

Both of these tasted pretty delicious.

I definitely plan on buying these again for myself for sure!

Sierra Trail Bites in Cranberry Walnut – 3/10

They sent 3 of these.

The texture is chewy, but seedy.

It tastes kind of sweet because of the dates, prunes, and cranberries.

I’m honestly not a fan of any of these fruits though which is why I didn’t care for it.

Overall, do I recommend the UrthBox?

I definitely do if you’re interested in trying some healthy snacks that you can add to your grocery shopping list!

For me it’s a mixture of delicious and not so tasty snacks.

The fact that I enjoyed at least half of the items in this box is what makes this box worth it for me.

Now I know what healthy snacks to order online from Amazon and I’m not wasting money on trying something new.

If you’re interested, buy the Urthbox subscription box today!

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