The Most Underrated Deodorant: Ban Deodorant – Review | Hygiene

ban deodorant

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New deodorants are always coming out all of the time, but recently I picked up a deodorant that I remember my grandmother using when I was a kid.

Actually my mom currently uses this deodorant and I decided to buy some only to be pleasantly surprised.

Ban deodorant is a staple deodorant that I recall seeing a lot as a kid, but I barely see any promotion of it the older I get now.

Today I figured I would share with you guys my thoughts on Ban.

The Most Underrated Deodorant: Ban Deodorant – Review | Hygiene

ban deodorant

So I bought the powder fresh scent and this is the scent that I have been using for the past few months.

You guys when I tell you this scent lasts all day…

I wore it when I went to a wedding and a reception which lasted from around 4:30 to 2 AM in the morning.

Also keep in mind I was dancing from 11PM to 2AM. That’s 3 hours of dancing straight through.

It smells pretty good.

It just smells like a fresh powdery scent to be honest, but the more time passes to me it smells amazing.

I bought the roll on deodorant which I really like.

The only complaint I’d say though is if you have arm pit hair.. be careful putting it on because it could get caught as you roll it on your skin. LOL

But other than that, I love the Ban deodorant so much!

Now I know why my grandmother used it and why my mom uses it.

It’s so good!

If you’re interested, buy Ban deodorant today here!

Would you guys try Ban deodorant or have you used it before?

Let me know in the comments below!

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