I tried Passion Twist Braids! – How to Do Passion Twist Braids | Hair

passion twist braids

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I decided to try something new with my hair!

As you guys know, I gave myself passion twists for the first time a few years ago and I absolutely loved that hairstyle on me.

Last year I started thinking about giving myself braids, but with passion twist hair since I liked that hair so much.

I finally did it to close out the end of the year since I wanted a break from doing my natural hair and from wigs (my wig recommendations) so I wanted to share with you guys how I did it.

I tried Passion Twist Braids! – How to Do Passion Twist Braids | Hair

I bought the following to do my passion twist braids:

Feel free to watch the video where I go into detail about doing the passion twist braids and it shows how I did them!

Outfit details

bodysuit – Highly recommend shopping Boohoo for their double layered bodysuits!

belt – Target

jeans – H&M

How to Do Passion Twist Braids

Honestly first I dyed my hair because my grey has been coming in aggressively.

Then I blew out my hair.

Here’s a full review of my favorite blow dryer on Youtube.

Get the Revlon blow dryer because it is life changing!

It has made my wash days and doing my hair so much easier to be honest.

But anyways back to the passion twist braids.

First We Part Ways..

I started by combing my hair with the wide tooth comb, adding a little leave-in conditioner to keep my hair hydrated, and parting my hair with the rat tail comb.

I went from back to front and eventually switched to front to back since I could see the front of my head easier than the back of my head.

Depending on how good you are with parting somewhat straight lines or if you even care… this can take awhile.

For me this part took me maybe 3 hours because I was having trouble seeing the back of my scalp.

Plus I wanted the parts to be perfect even though some parts came out looking kind of raggedy, but it’s okay. LOL

I would part and add a rubberband to the section.

Then I would twist it so that while my hair is in the braid it won’t lock up since I knew I wouldn’t be touching my actual hair for at least a month.

I had 46 twists once I was done parting my hair.

About the hair..

The hair I bought from Amazon came with a crochet hook (which I forgot about buying), hair jewelry, and the 7 packs of passion twist hair that I actually paid for when I bought it.

Within doing this hairstyle, I had 2 and a half packs leftover since I only used 2 passion twist strands per braid.

You can use more strands if you want your passion twist braids to look fuller, but I only used 2 strands because it gave my hair a more natural look.

The hair was super soft and I’m going on week 2 with this hair.. It still feels pretty good.

Now we begin…

You take 2 strands… make them meet at the middle where it forms a cross and make it look like this..

Now originally I was going to do the crochet hook method of pulling the hair under the part where the rubberband is, but I kept having trouble hooking it.

So instead I just wrapped the passion twist around my own hair like twice and then I started braiding like how I normally would braid with braiding my hair in with the passion twists.

Then when I got to the end of my actual hair braid.. I just created a new strand from one of the passion twist to continue braiding.

I did that all the way to the end and secured the end of the braid with a mini rubberband.

How long did it take to do the 22 inch passion twist braids?

It took me a total of 12 hours to do this on my own, but keep in mind I was sidetracked by watching shows, cooking, eating, spending time with my dog and boyfriend, and talking on the phone with my mom. LOL

Honestly I feel like it realistically would have took me around 7-8 hours to do this without distractions.

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But thats how I did my passion twist braids!!

What do you guys think?

Let me know if you plan on doing passion twist braids in the comments below!

Also feel free to tag me on Instagram (@jasmine_emeraldd) if you do them so I can see!!

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  1. I’ve never tried this hairstyle before and I’m excited to try it on my daughter. She loves to try new hairstyles!

  2. Oh wow, you spent so long working on these braids! They came out so lovely, so worth the effort that you put in.

  3. Rhian Westbury says:

    Wow that’s a long time to do, but it must have been tricky doing all of it on your own. It looks amazing though, you did such a good job x

  4. Luna S says:

    They look beautiful! I don’t think I’d ever be able to figure out how to do this.

  5. Mosaics Lab Best Sellers says:

    The passion twist braids are gorgeous!!! A friend of mine did hers a few years ago, it took 18 hours to complete!!! 18 HOURS!!! But they turned out stunning just like yours.

  6. Those look so cute on you!

  7. Tammy says:

    That’s dedication! But worth the time bc you look beautiful 🙂

  8. Your hair looks amazing, thanks for the tutorial as well on how to make the passion twist braids.

  9. I have never tried passion twist braids, but love how yours turned out. Will definitely consider these for my spring and summer look!

  10. Kristy Bullard says:

    Love the braids! You look absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Khushboo says:

    I like how it’s looking on you but I really can’t wait for so long like you for the braids

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