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6 Things Every Influencer Should Include in Their Social Media Kit

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If you’re an influencer and you want to work with brands, then it is important to have a media kit.

There are specific things that you need to focus on sharing so that brands know whether you’re worth working with or not.

Today I’m going to share with you guys the must haves to have in your social media kit!

6 Things Every Influencer Should Include in Their Social Media Kit

Number of Followers

Always share the number of followers.

Brands always want to know that you have a following.

Share your reach.

I feel like sharing your reach can be more important than sharing your followers.

Include it if your reach is higher than your following.

Details about your audience

It is important for brands to know whether your audience is female or male.

It is also important to know the percentage of where they’re from like are they from the US, Canada, UK, or other places.

What you can offer the brands

Share what type of content you can use to promote their brand.

Can you create Tiktoks? Youtube Videos?

Do you run giveaways?

Do you do quarterly collabs?

Do you write blog post features or reviews?

Let them know in this section of your media kit.

Share what topics you cover.

Make sure to briefly mention the subjects you talk about on your socials or website.

For example if you talk about lifestyle, mention it.

Mention the brands you’ve worked with.

So you don’t have to do this, but you can if you have worked with some big brands.

This can be great as a good reference.

Check out my work with me page if you’re interested in seeing how I setup my media kit!

Do you guys plan on pitching brands this year?

Let me know in the comments below.

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