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Best Websites for Free Music for Youtube Videos | Youtube Tips

free music for youtube videos

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If you’re a Youtuber, then you’ll want to have music in your videos to either fill the silence or to create a certain aesthetic.

You can’t use your favorite songs from your favorite singers because of copyright so where do you turn to?

Today I’m going to share with you guys a couple of places where you can get free music for Youtube videos.

Best Websites for Free Music for Youtube Videos | Youtube Tips


You create an account and link your social media to where you’ll be posting videos.

This is the main website that I use to find free music, but you can get their premium membership too.

With their premium membership you get access to all of the songs on their website.

You get unlimited downloads. You can connect to unlimited Youtube channels. 

You also get unlimited playlists and and can invite team members if you have other people working on your channel with you or editing your videos.

So far I’ve created videos using songs from Thematic on Youtube and Instagram.

You just have to credit the artist which pops up after you download the song from the site.

I have been using Thematic for about 2 years and I haven’t had any copyright issues.

Sign up for Thematic today!

Mix Kit

Check out the free stock music that they have available and make sure to check the licenses for usage.

Find music and sound effects here.

Check out 30% of their music catalog and download 10 songs a month with their free membership.

Or buy their monthly membership where you get unlimited downloads, access to 100% of their catalog, and more.

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So those are the top free music for Youtube video websites that I use.

Let me know which one you plan on using by leaving a comment below!

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