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How to Get 100 Subscribers on Youtube

how to get 100 subscribers on youtube

Have you just started your Youtube journey or you’re interested in trying to reach 100 subscribers on Youtube, but you don’t know how?

Today I’m sharing with you guys how I reached 100 Youtube subscribers and how you can too.

These tips are based on my own experience of growing my Youtube channel from 0 to 100 subscribers.

These steps are simple and super easy to follow so let’s jump into it!

How to Get 100 Youtube Subscribers

Promote your channel & videos on social media.

One thing you need to do if you are starting from 0 is to promote, promote, promote.

Share your channel with your family and friends if you feel comfortable on Facebook.

Create tweets about it on Twitter, especially if you have made a video about a trending topic that relates to it.

Create Instagram Stories or posts about it on your Instagram.

Share an IG reel or tiktok showcasing a clip from your video.

Even create some Pinterest Pins to promote your video on Pinterest too.

Share your channel to get your first subscribers.

Discuss a popular or trending topic.

One thing that helped me was discussing popular topics.

Even though I may not have received a lot of views, sometimes talking about something popular would cause people to subscribe


Make a routine video.

Discuss something going on that’s trending on Twitter.

Talk about a new movie, game, song, or album that just came out.

I actually have been discussing a tv series that I’ve been obsessed with since like 2009 and surprisingly people have been enjoying the original content I’ve been making on it.

Create & post Youtube shorts.

So I didn’t consistently post shorts, but I would do so and randomly I would get a bulk of new subscribers.

It’s important to make shorts that somewhat relate to the content you already make long form videos of so keep that in mind if you’d like these subs to turn into returning viewers.

Experiment with posting shorts related to topics you cover to see if you’ll grow.

I know I’ve gotten at the most maybe 10 subs in one day from shorts in my first 4 months of being a Youtuber.

Also feel free to check out my Youtube Channel!

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So let’s recap, this is How to Get 100 Youtuber Subscribers:

  • Promote your channel & videos on social media.
  • Discuss a popular or trending topic.
  • Create Youtube shorts.

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So that’s how to get 100 Youtube subscribers.

Do you have any other Youtube tips to share for growing on Youtube?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. My children love watching YouTubers. I think if you have a popular niche it is pretty easy to start gaining subscribers.

  2. Rhian Westbury says:

    I don’t have YouTube myself but I bet that first 100 feels like such a big number when you start off. But so satisfying when you get there x

  3. This is such a great resource! Out of all the platforms out there, I’ve found YouTube to be the hardest to get traction.

  4. I struggle to increase my youtube following. My biggest issue is posting consistently. I need to try some of these tips.

  5. Home Decor Ideas says:

    Amazing tips, thank you so much…I didn’t know the frequency of posting videos matters for the algorithm, that is insightful.

  6. Luna S says:

    This is some great information! Thanks for sharing this it is always nice to have some tips on the different social media channels.

  7. Tammy says:

    Ooh so interesting! Great info…video blogging is a whole different ball game and I’ve always wondered about building up my youtube audience. Thanks for sharing!

  8. YouTube is definitely not my forte. It is good to have some tips for growing a YouTube channel and gaining followers.

  9. Rosey says:

    I visit Youtube for certain things, for sure. Good to build up your following/visitor count so people can see your content. Good of you to help

  10. Great pointers! I did a little bit of stuff on YouTube a long time ago, but haven’t really tinkered with it since. It’s a fab platform though.

  11. Great tips! The 100 is the hardest. I think it’s useful to think about people’s pain points and discuss that.

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