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I wore a Kaftan Kimono Robe from Coco de Chom! | review

coco de chom review

This item was gifted and sent to me to try for free.

I love finding cute clothes that make me look chic and feel good about myself.

Today I’m bringing to you guys something I’m super excited about.

I received a Kaftan kimono robe from the brand Coco de Chom and I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts and experience on the item.

I wore a Kaftan Kimono Robe from Coco de Chom! | review

 Coco de Chom sells a variety of beautifully handcrafted unisex robes, maxi dresses, tie dye kimonos, and accessories.

Their items are designed for everyday looks and they use eco-friendly materials to make their items.

I saw so many clothes that I’d wear on their website, but my top pick was this black Kaftan kimono robe.

How long does Coco de Chom take to ship?

So for me it took 2 days and they shipped through USPS.

They are based in Texas and I live in Michigan so I think that’s pretty quick.

The packaging

The item came in a polybag that has their branding on it which I think is great because the less boxes you use.. that helps the planet.

I absolutely loved the packaging and how it was neatly presented.

They gave me a card with their business info on it where I can tag the brand whenever I wear their clothes.

Special Surprise

Inside of the package along with the robe, I received a shell bracelet which is really cute.

I don’t own anything like it and it’s very easy to put on and take off.

The robe

This is the Maya Tie Dye Kaftan Kimono in Black / Beige.

The robe is 100% handmade which I love!

It’s a maxi robe that is breathable and comfortable.

It’s made with 100% rayon and it comes with a removable waist tie belt.

The robe is absolutely lovely.

It’s lightweight and comfortable.

The print on it is gorgeous!

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It’s pretty long. I feel like it’d be ideal for someone who loves to wear heels or is 5’7+ tall.

I’m 5’3 so it’s long on me. I probably should have chose one of Coco de Chom’s shorter robes, but it was so hard to choose an item so I went with this one since I know I’d be able to wear it more since it’s black.

I plan on probably hemming it a little myself or wearing some double sided fabric tape with it so it won’t drag on the floor.

Because of the robe is on the thinner side, this is a robe that I’d wear in the Spring, Summer, or when I’m going on a vacation in a place that’s warmer.

For example, I’d wear this robe on a regular basis in 70 degree+ weather.

I’d also wear this robe in the house as well.

However, I kind of wanted to see if I could style this robe for the Fall season for myself.

I decided to style this robe with a turtleneck, jeggings, and boots.

Overall do I recommend Coco de Chom?

I definitely do recommend them if you’re interested in getting this Kaftan Kimono Robe or if you’re just looking for some cute stylish clothes to buy!

They sell so many cute items that I’d love to have in my closet.

I highly recommend checking them out and treating yourself to some fashionable pieces to add to your wardrobe today!

So thanks for checking out this Coco de Chom review!

Now it’s time for you guys to chime in…

Would you wear this robe?

Let me know in the comments down below!

(3) Comments

  1. It looks absolutely beautiful on you as if it was a custom order. Wonderful style and I personally love the print. super adorable! I think I’d like to have a similar one for me

  2. This is such a comfortable outfit. Different and really worthy wearing.

  3. Rosey says:

    It certainly suits it well. Though I suspect you look great in anything!!! Beautiful robe, beautiful lady.

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