I bought the Bobbi Boss Vena wig! – Review | Curly Hair

bobbi boss vena

I am a huge fan of Bobbi Boss wigs and recently I got the Bobbi Boss Vena wig!

Today I’m going to share with you guys my thoughts on this wig and how I styled it.

I bought the Bobbi Boss Vena wig! – Review | Curly Hair

If you guys would like to see exactly how I styled it, feel free to check out my Youtube video.

Now the color that I got the Bobbi Boss Vena wig in was the Copper Burgundy. I absolutely live for this color especially since it’s perfect for the Fall season.

I got my other Bobbi Boss Kenzie wig in this same color too.

You can apply heat to this wig, but I normally don’t put heat on curly wigs like this.

This is a full cap wig which has 1 comb on each of the front sides of the cap. It also has one comb in the back and an adjustable band to make the wig looser or tighter.

I would say that this wig is big head friendly because I have a big head and I had huge braids under this wig. It all fit within the wig.

The curls are on the tinier side but a bit tight.

I’m more than likely going to wear this wig for about a month or 2 so I can tell you guys my full thoughts on it in a 2 month update video.

How I styled the wig

I finger combed some of the curls out and cut bangs at the front of the wig.

The more you touch this wig, the bigger it grows.

I absolutely love the way it looks after styling it.

I feel like if I got this wig in a different color like a 2B it would look even more amazing to be honest and probably a bit more natural too.

Links to the Bobbi Boss Vena wig: Ebonyline, Elevatestyles, Hairsofly, & Divatress

Overall do I recommend the Bobbi Boss Vena wig?

I do if you’re looking for a quick throw on and go wig.

Also if you’re a fan of curls, this is for you!

(7) Comments

  1. It looks so good and really suits you so much! I think wigs are great as you can change your style often,

  2. I would not have known it was a wig if you hadn’t said, I love how wigs are becomming more real looking

  3. That wig is absolutely gorgeous! I love the volume it has, and I really like the tight curls. I can’t wait to hear more about your experience.

  4. Tammy says:

    It looks so good on you and totally natural! I love the colour too I think it suits you very nicely ^_^

  5. The hair color and the wig look great on you 😍. Love your detailed honest review ❤️.

  6. I’m glad that you found a wig that you love. Hope you get a lot of wear out of it.

  7. This wig looks really natural and pretty on you! I am loving how simply you styled it so it looks so natural.

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