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I made money my 2nd month being a Small Youtuber! | Income Report of being a Youtube Influencer

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I am an Amazon Affiliate. This post contains affiliate links. I will be paid a small percentage of payment from the purchase you buy. See Disclaimer here.

I have tried doing Youtube multiple times and failed in the past…

I’ll probably write a whole blog post or make a whole video about it, but I have started a new channel and I’ve been pretty consistent.

Today I’m going to share with you guys how I made money my second month being a small Youtuber.

I made money my 2nd month being a Small Youtuber! | Income Report of being a Youtube Influencer

In this video I share how much I made as a small Youtuber, how I’m reaching my goals, growing my channel, and more Youtube tips!

Feel free to watch my first month check in of being a Youtuber where I share what I learned in my first month of doing Youtube.

There are a lot of good tips and tricks in here that I have also learned from being a blogger and growing my blog views.


I’ll be posting these videos every month for at least a year!

If you’re a Youtuber, your goal will probably be to not only have fun making videos… but to also make money.

Most people who do Youtube are focused on getting to the point where they reach the monetization threshold on Youtube of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, but to be honest… that can be a far distance away.

I know it can be difficult to grow an audience on Youtube and to even get views.

Some of my videos haven’t even hit the double digits and at this time of writing this.. I have 29 subscribers, but you can still make money.

I tell anyone and everyone whether you’re a Youtuber or influencer, you need to have multiple ways of making money if you want to do this for a living.

One of the main ways is through affiliate links.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are links that you use to connect potential buyers to items you may talk about or feature in photos or in videos.

Whenever someone clicks a link and buys something through the link, you can be paid a commission off of the sale.

Since day one of starting this new Youtube channel, I have been using affiliate links along with bitly links so that I can track my click through rate and reach for links I am not an affiliate of or stores that don’t have an affiliate program.

How much I made as a small Youtuber in August

In August, I made $19.61 from affiliate sales via Amazon Affiliate and Magiclinks even though I only had 1732 views to my Youtube channel last month which is pretty good.

Amazon Affiliate is an affiliate program where you can make money through any sales you make on Amazon.

I would recommend having maybe 5-6 videos up or even connecting another social media platform if you’d like to apply to become an Amazon Affiliate.

Having a blog or decent sized following on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook helps if you don’t have enough subscribers on Youtube.

I received 138 clicks through the affiliate links I shared via Amazon which was pretty good, but you have to keep in mind that Amazon Affiliate only has a 24 hour cookie window for people to click through and actually make a purpose.

So I might have gotten more sales if the window time was larger like say a week or 30 days.

This is one of the reasons why I like Magiclinks because they are also an affiliate program site that links to multiple stores, but the cookie time window varies per store I believe.

I had 49 clicks through Magiclinks which was decent.

Hopefully I can increase the amount of money that I make in the future.

I plan on focusing on other ways to make money apart from affiliate sales too.

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How are you guys making money as Youtubers and influencers?

Have you thought about your financial strategy to make money on social media?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I have not ventured into youtube yet. I am not a fan of making, editing, or watching videos for the most part so it intimidates me. Congratulations on finding ways to still make an income from it even before hitting that monetization threshold!

  2. congrats on turning a profit so quickly! I am a teacher and SO many of the kids want to be youtubers when they grow up.

  3. Kristy Bullard says:

    Congratulations! I don’t think people realize how much time, effort, and heart we put into our blogs and social media. It’s so nice when we find success after putting in so much hard work.

  4. Such an inspiration to know that small youtubers can also make money using affiliate links, thanks for sharing this

  5. That is great that you were able to draw in some readers and start making money. YouTube is a lot of work and is something I don’t feel like I have the patience for.

  6. Khushboo says:

    I need to try affiliate links on my video. It’s a great way to earn some money. I will surely try it

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