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Blues at Home – Outfit of the Day | Fashion

summer outfit

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Today was a pretty chill Summer day.

I’ve just been planning content for the most part and figured I’d share with you guys my Summer outfit of the day.

Check it out!

Blues at Home – Outfit of the Day | Fashion

summer outfit

Song of the Day : Violin – Cookiee Kawaii

Food I’m thinking about eating – Burger King Whopper with cheese + onion rings


  • blue crop top – This crop top comes in women’s size extra small to women’s plus size 4x. Get it before it sells out.
  • blue jeans – I bought these high waisted jeans a couple years back from Amazon. They’re still available and they’re super stretchy.
  • Arthur tote bag – I absolutely love this Arthur crying tote bag. LOL
  • Sun necklace – I got this from Hot Topic, but there are some similar ones on Etsy that are real and some on Amazon for under $25!
  • green Jade bracelet – Jade is supposed to be great for good luck. Plus it’s a cute bracelet.

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Also let me know what you think of this outfit below!

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How else would you wear this crop top?


(7) Comments

  1. Your outfit is so cute. Blue is my favourite colour – so great choice!


  2. Thank you so much! Blue is one of my favorites too!

  3. I think your outfit is really cute. Love the Arthur crying tote bag. It adds character to the OOTD.

  4. very cute outfit. Basic but absolutely adorable! and blue is my favorite color so I love it even more! I also have to add that your smile makes the outfit stand out more.

  5. Your outfit is absolutely perfection! I love it.

  6. Rosey says:

    I like jeans when they’re stretchy. They make for a more comfortable day.

  7. That is such a vibrant top – I just love it – That is a great outfit

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