I tried It’s Just Wings – review | Restaurant

its just wings

So recently my boyfriend decided to surprise me with food from a restaurant we’ve never been to before.

The restaurant was called It’s Just Wings.

I was super excited about it since this place was on my list of restaurants to try out.

Today I’m going to share with you guys my experience trying It’s Just Wings.

I tried It’s Just Wings – review | Restaurant

So we ordered It’s Just Wings via a delivery service.

I’m not exactly sure which one but the delivery took less than an hour to get to us.

We both got the 8 bone in wings with curly fries, a side of ranch, and a drink.

It’s Just Wings offers a variety of wing flavors.

Originally I wanted the garlic parmesan, but I decided to be adventurous and try the Southwest Cajun Dry Rub (Hot) – “Like Bobby Boucher’s Momma Made It” on the chicken.

Reviewing It’s Just Wings food

The curly fries were lovely. I honestly ate about half of them before I even got to the chicken wings.

It tasted like perfectly seasoned and cooked curly fries. Absolutely delicioso!

The wings were decently sized where they weren’t too big or too small.

The chicken was pretty good, but it didn’t taste hot to me.

You could definitely taste the Cajun seasoning, but there was no kick or spice to it for me personally.

I would for sure get them again though.

My boyfriend decided to get plain and I let him have some of mine.

He felt like the chicken did have a slight kick in spice to them, but I didn’t taste it which is surprising since I normally am the one who tastes the spicy-ness when it comes to food.

He said he’d want these instead next time too.

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Would I recommend It’s Just Wings?

Overall, I would definitely eat more wings from It’s Just Wings and of course I’ll devour their fries again.

I for sure want to try the garlic parmesan and their honey chipotle wings in the future too!

Thanks for checking out my It’s Just Wings review!

Now it’s time for you guys to chime in.

Would you guys try It’s Just Wings?

Let me know in the comments down below!

(7) Comments

  1. Kitchen Mosaic Backsplash says:

    This looks so so good!!! I love curly fries and crispy wings….I would love to try It’s just wings one day…

  2. My husband and my 10 year old son love chicken wings. If we ever order food this is what they would go for. Wish there was one in my area!

  3. It’s Just Wings is just exactly the kind of food that I love. Anything that involves wings and curly fries is immediately a winner for me.

  4. YUM! Curly fries are the best thing ever – if done right!

  5. Lisa at says:

    Just Wings looks like a great restaurant. It has all the kind of food I enjoy and perfect for comfort food binging!

  6. This is certainly something different to try. It looks like a fun place to check out. I’m all for reasonable prices.

  7. Sounds like the perfect snack craving for me, especially since they deliver as well. Hoping to try Just Wings as I bet my family would enjoy it too

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