I bought Redbubble poster art! | Review – HXH Canary + Kidagakash

redbubble poster

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I have been a big fan of Redbubble for awhile.

They have so many items that I want to own and a couple months ago I purchased some Redbubble posters.

So today I’m going to share with you guys this poster art haul!

So let’s jump into it!

I bought Redbubble poster art! | Review – HXH Canary + Kidagakash

How long was Redbubble shipping time?

I made my order on March 5th. My package was delivered on March 12th 2022 via USPS.

I was so excited about this package. It was supposed to be delivered on March 13th.

It came a day early and I couldn’t wait to see the art in person.

Redbubble Posters


Hunter x Hunter Canary art (link)

hxh canary

I got this in a Medium (22.0″ x 33.1″) Semi Gloss.

I absolutely love this because you don’t necessarily have to be a Hunter x Hunter fan.

This Canary Black & Educated artwork is a must have.

I feel like any black person could own this.

This would also be great to buy for a child or teen too, but I personally wanted it for myself at my grown age.


Atlantis Kidagakash art (link)

I got this in the Large (33.2″ x 33.2″) Semi Gloss print.

I absolutely love it!

I feel like Kidagakash is an underrated Disney character for sure!

This is probably one of my favorite pieces of art that I own.

Also check out the other Redbubble items that I have on my list right now!

It’s posters, mugs, and more available!

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Would I recommend buying Redbubble poster art?

I definitely would if you want some art that fits your style and tastes.

The Redbubble shipping was pretty fast and the art is high quality.

I absolutely love the art that I got from Redbubble!


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