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3 Reasons Why You Should Play Card Games for Mental Health | Self Care

3 keys

It is so important to take time to take care of your mental health and one thing that I really like to do is play online card games.

Playing card games can have a couple of benefits and I figured I would share them with you guys so that you can start reaping the rewards from playing card games online.

3 Reasons Why You Should Play Card Games for Mental Health | Self Care


It’ll help ease your mind.

Whenever I play online card games on my mind tends to go into a state of calmness.

I feel relaxed and I don’t end up thinking about anything except the card game that I’m playing.

Whenever I feel somewhat stressed, I can just play a game of _____ and my mind will come into a sort of peaceful state.

It’s pretty nice.

3 keys

It can help reboot your mind when you need to take a break from work.

Whenever I am trying to do some work and I find my mind becoming clouded… I like to play the card game 3 Keys which is a lot of fun for me.

3 Keys has become my go to because it helps me to clear my mind of whatever I was focusing on and I’ll end up focusing on my Solitaire game.

After maybe 10 minutes of playing Solitaire, I can go back to working and I’m able to have a reframed state of mind where I can either see whatever I was working on from a different perspective or I can process information much more quicker.

It’ll help your mind to process things by using critical thinking skills.

I have been a fan of card games since I was in elementary school and I feel like playing them has definitely had an impact on the way I process information to solve things.

When you play these card games you end up strategizing methods in ways to win the game.

I feel like if you want to become a better critical thinker playing card games can definitely be the way to go.

Plus it’ll be a lot of fun to do.

Also I love that I can play online card games for free.

I remember when I was younger there weren’t too many card games available that I knew about.

However nowadays you can just head on over to the and play over 40+ different card games.

Lately I have found so many different games that I’ve never even heard of before.

They definitely keep my mind going and I’m learning more ways to experiment with different strategies in these games which I’d really like to show friends when they visit for bbq days.

Card games are always a go to for Summer days outside in the backyard.

Overall though games with cards can be greatly helpful for your mental health.

If I could recommend any card games apart from Solitaire, I’d recommend the games 3 Keys, Achilles, and Taj Mahal.

These are super enjoyable and they’ve kind of become a part of my weekly life.

Check out the The Psychological and Social Benefits of Playing Cards for more info on the pros of playing games like this too!

Let me know if you guys would add card games to your life to assist with your mental health by leaving a comment down below!

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