Why wont my boyfriend propose? | 7 Reasons why he hasn’t proposed – Relationship Advice

why wont my boyfriend propose

Have you been with your boyfriend for awhile and you’re wondering why he hasn’t proposed yet?

Today we’re going to talk about why you haven’t gotten a proposal from your boyfriend.

Why wont my boyfriend propose? | 7 Reasons why he hasn’t proposed – Relationship Advice

So there could be a few reasons why he hasn’t proposed yet.

You two haven’t talked about marriage yet.

I feel like the discussion of whether you want to get married or not is one that should be discussed during the first couple of months of dating someone.

However sometimes we can get too wrapped up in dating someone that we don’t even think about talking about the topic of marriage.

If you haven’t discussed it, he might not even be thinking about it depending on how long you’ve been together and if it’s something that has even been mentioned at all.

He’s not ready to get married.

Maybe he just isn’t ready to get married like you are.

He could be thinking that he likes where things are right now.

He could be evaluating whether he is in the right spot financially to get married too.

He doesn’t think you’ve been together long enough.

I feel like everyone’s concept of how long you should be together in order for you to get married varies.

Some people say it should only take 6 months. Others say a year..

Some people feel like if someone doesn’t propose to them within 3 years that the person isn’t serious about them.

I personally believe that there shouldn’t be a complete clock on getting engaged apart from someone shouldn’t wait 8 years to propose to you.

He can’t afford a ring.

Maybe he just doesn’t have the money together yet to buy the perfect ring for you.

I feel like a lot of women care about the type of ring that they get so it could be just as big of a deal to him when he considers buying it.

He doesn’t think you two are old enough yet.

Maybe you two are kind of young.

In my opinion I feel like if you’re 24 or under, you shouldn’t be thinking about getting married like that like unless you’re sure you can sustain a way of life with that person.

He doesn’t want to get married at all.

Marriage might not be in his future at all.

It could be something that he doesn’t even want to have.

This is why it is so important to talk to your significant other about life goals and if marriage is a milestone that they would like to accomplish.

He doesn’t want to marry you.

Lastly, he could just not want to marry you.

I have seen this happen countless times where a man and a woman would date and a guy would promise her that they’d get married…

Then a whole decade goes by and absolutely nothing.

If a person doesn’t give you a good excuse as to why they don’t want to get married yet like them not being financially ready for it… then they may just not want what you want.

Overall marriage is a topic that should be discussed within the first couple months or even a week of dating someone.

You should be with someone who is on the same page as you if that is something that you would like to happen for your life.

So that’s my two cents.

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!

why wont my boyfriend propose

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