When you’re talking to your ex while in a relationship | Advice

talking to your ex while in a relationship
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Have you ever been in a situation where you were still keeping in contact with your ex while you were in a relationship?

Today we’re going to talk about whether it’s okay and the truth about interacting with an ex when you already have someone.

When you’re talking to your ex while in a relationship | Advice

So I’ll be direct and honest..

From my experience unless you interact with your ex on a strictly friend basis where there is no flirting what’s so ever and you both respect each other’s relationships…

I feel like it’s not right to interact with your ex.

If you’re hiding the fact that you’re talking with your ex..

If you’re keeping in contact with your ex, but your significant other doesn’t know about it…

it’s technically a form of cheating.

You shouldn’t be keeping that information hidden or at least the person you’re with should know about it.

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Anything you say to your ex should be something you can say to them in front of the person you’re in a relationship with..

If you feel like the texts you’re exchanging should be hidden.. then you shouldn’t be doing it.

If you feel guilty about talking to your ex..

You most likely shouldn’t be doing it.

Or you should share that you’re talking with them to your ex if you really want to keep in contact with them.

If you are putting your ex before your relationship..

Are you choosing to talk to them over your significant other?

Are you choosing to spend time with your ex over the person you’re in a relationship with?

Are you disrespecting the relationship?

You should honestly just breakup with the person you’re with if you’re choosing your ex over your current relationship.

It isn’t fair to your boyfriend and it’s honestly selfish to keep interacting or doing a friends with benefits dance while you already are with someone.

Are you talking about your current relationship with your ex?

This is a huge NO NO.

There is no reason that your ex should know anything about any negative aspects of your relationship.

This could cause emotional cheating which is a big deal contrary to popular belief.

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Did your significant other tell you that they had an issue with your ex or you talking to your exes?

If they did.. then you’re already showing that you don’t really care about your current relationship.

Remember that when you’re in a relationship you need to not just focus on you, but remember that you are a unit with the person that you are with.

You should care about how they feel and how it could affect your relationship.

Overall.. don’t keep in contact with your ex if you can’t honestly show the person you’re in a relationship with what you guys discuss or do.

Make sure you take the time to understand the risks of still interacting with an ex.

Also put yourself in your significant other’s shoes.

Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Would you be okay with your person talking to their ex or interacting with them the way you interact with your ex?

If not.. then you’re being selfish and unfair to them.

Either cut the connection to your ex or breakup with who you are with if you still want to keep the bond with your ex.

But remember that an ex is an ex for a reason.

Don’t risk something that could truly make your life amazing for something that caused you issues in the past.

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So that’s my two cents on When you’re talking to your ex while in a relationship.

Let me know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment down below!

talking to your ex while in a relationship

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