My boyfriend hurt my feelings. What should I do about it? | Relationship Advice

my boyfriend hurt my feelings
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Have you been in a situation where your boyfriend hurt your feelings and you aren’t sure what to do about?

Today I’m going to share with you guys what to do when your boyfriend hurts your feelings.

My boyfriend hurt my feelings. What should I do about it? | Relationship Advice

Whenever my feelings are hurt, it’s usually all over my face.

There’s no way of hiding it since it’s plain in sight.

Evaluate why he hurt your feelings.

Did he say something rude or mean?

Did he act like he didn’t care about something that you cared about?

Evaluate what made you feel hurt that your boyfriend did or said.

Talk to them about how you feel.

Bring the issue to them and share with them how you’re feeling.

Explain what they did or said and how it made you feel.

“It made me sad when you said…..”

“When you did…………… it really hurt my feelings.”

A boyfriend who actually cares about you will actually listen to you.

A good boyfriend will hear you and listen to you.

They’ll take the time to understand you.

They’ll also make sure to not hurt you again.

They will try their best to not make you feel pain again.

A good boyfriend wouldn’t want to hurt you and do it again.

OVERALL they won’t ignore you.

Now from my experience I have dated some guys who I told how I felt and they would either not hear me and try to turn the situation around like I did something wrong because they didn’t want to stop doing something that was disrespectful (i.e. flirting with other women).

They would argue with me about them feeling like I was controlling them because I brought up how I felt hurt about them doing something that they wouldn’t like being done to them (i.e. again flirting with other women).

Or one horrible guy I dated legit would ignore me and give me the silent treatment for days when I would talk to him about something that made me feel like they didn’t care…

These are all examples of a guy who doesn’t want to be a good boyfriend.

They want to use, abuse, and not treat people the way they want to be treated which is unfair.

If you’re in a similar situation I would say break up with them and run because if they do it to you one time.. they’ll do it again.

Trust me on this.

You deserve better.

But that’s my two cents on what to do when your boyfriend hurts your feelings.

Let me know what you guys would do by leaving a comment below!

my boyfriend hurt my feelings

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