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8 Ways to Be More Confident | Self Care + Lifestyle Advice

ways to be more confident
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Do you want to be more confident?

Well today I’m going to share with you how I boosted my confidence and pretty much grew my confidence over time.

So let’s jump into this!

8 ways to be more confident | Self Care + Lifestyle Advice

For me my confidence used to be pretty low when I think about how I was when I was a teen or even when I was in my early 20s.

I always spoke down on myself and was kind of always doing negative talk to myself which didn’t really help me.

Overtime I started going through the process of reinventing myself and figuring out myself.

Today I’m going to share with you guys the things that helped me grow my confidence.

Try doing your makeup until you get somewhat good at it.

Makeup definitely will boost your confidence for sure.

I know for me I love playing up my eyes.

You give me a little concealer, black eyeliner, mascara, and let me put on some lip gloss…. it makes me feel so pretty.

Also a full face of makeup when I wear foundation looks great too.

Try diving into the world of makeup to give yourself a boost of life.

I recommend checking out some grwm Youtubers for makeup tips.

I like to find some women with a similar complexion to me and I recreate their looks.

Switch up your hairstyle.

One of the first things I did was change my hair style… a lot.

So I’m not a big hairstyle person where I pay to go to the salong since I’m on a budget, but if you can do that.. go for it.

I legit would try different $25 and below wigs to see how I felt when wearing them.

I will say getting wigs with color always made me feel confident.

I love me a good curly wig where I can create a natural bang look.

Also when I do my makeup and wear a wig.. it really is a game changer.

You could try that out and see how it makes you feel once you wear it a couple times.

Even take some selfies too!

Look at yourself and find things you love.

What do you like about your face?

What do you like about your body?

What do you like about your personality?

Whatever you like… embrace it even more and showcase it.

Experiment with clothing.

Go through your closet and create some different looks that play up your attributes.

If you have nice legs, rock some shorts a cute skirt or dress.

If you have nice arms wear a strapless top or a cute tank top.

If you like your butt or your boobs, get some cute clothing that will play up those things.

You can either go thrift shopping or shop at a budget friendly store.

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Say encouraging affirmations.

Tell yourself things that’ll make you feel good.


I’m confident.

I’m beautiful.

I love me.

I love who I am.

I look good.

I feel good.


There is something to be said about exercising and feeling good after.

I recommend playing Just Dance even if you don’t have a Nintendo Switch… you can Youtube dances and do them in your living room.

Look up some dance workouts on Youtube too.

Have fun doing that and it’ll make you feel good.. Plus you’re being healthy.

Stand up straight.

When you stand up straight… you look more confident.

I know when I’m wearing a cute outfit and I stand up straight… I feel more confident for sure!

Stop the negative talk.

I mentioned before that I used to talk badly about myself all the time.

When you speak negatively on your life it’s so draining when you constantly do it.

Looking back I used to be sad all the time and feel down all the time too.

I feel like I eventually just became tired of feeling that way and started to slowly make some changes.

It definitely took probably a whole decade for me to reach where I am now if I’m being completely honest.. but it’s definitely doable.

Overall being confident is a slow process.

It doesn’t just happen overnight, but you can put these things into practice to boost the way you feel about yourself.

So try these different ways to feel confident out and let me know how they work for you after you do them for awhile!

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