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i have no confidence
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Do you ever feel like you don’t really have any confidence?

I know I’ve been at different periods of my life when I felt like I didn’t have any confidence.

The feeling would overwhelm me when it came to different situations.

Today I’m going to share with you guys why I didn’t have any confidence.

I have no confidence | Mental Health + Self Care Help

I kept comparing myself to other people.

One thing I used to do all the time was compare myself to other people.

I would look at other people that I knew whether in real life or on social media…

I would see how they were doing in life and look at all of the things that they had going on and I would feel so small like..

Damn.. They’re giving life while me.. not so much.

It was so easy to belittle myself within comparison.

How to fix this: Remember that everyone’s journey is different and what you see isn’t the whole picture.

Understand that there is only one you and there is only one them.

The person who appears to be happy or thriving in life could be going through it behind closed doors.

You never know what’s going on in other people’s lives at the end of the day.

I’ll also say if you feel negative when you see other people… distance yourself from them or don’t look at their accounts on social media.

It’ll definitely be good for your mental health

I felt like I wasn’t good enough when it came to a lot of things.

I would feel like I wasn’t smart enough to go for certain degrees, certifications, or jobs.

I wouldn’t try to pursue different relationships whether business or personal because I thought people wouldn’t like me.

I didn’t try to apply myself in general because I felt like I would disappoint myself.

It was a lot of down talking that I did to myself and it kind of overwhelmed me.

How to fix this: Do your research.

Take time out to learn more and to see if something will actually keep your interest.

You’ll never know if you’re into something or not if you don’t check it out and see what it’s about.

You could end up transforming your entire life, but you have to just see what’s out there first.

I felt like I wasn’t pretty a lot of times.

When I tell you.. I used to point out every flaw.

My nose is shaped weird.

I keep getting moles and freckles everywhere.

I have a mustache and a unibrow.

My hair is a mess.

I felt like I looked frumpy.

I steadily would just be negative about myself.

How to fix this: Dress yourself up and take time to play up your features.

Do your hair or experiment with wigs.

Try out applying makeup by watching Youtube videos.

Get yourself some new clothes.

Invest in you to make yourself feel good.

I felt like I didn’t know enough information for different things.

I would not have conversations with others because I was afraid I’d look dumb everytime.

I feel like you can chalk this up to me having social anxiety on an occassion.

I would go through periods of not going out completely at all because I didn’t want to get into a situation where someone would try to talk to me about something and I felt stupid or just looked stupid.

I’ll be honest… this is why I avoid talking about politics because I normally don’t know enough to carry the conversation especially if people start sharing specific names of politicians.

How to fix this: Ask questions or do research.

It’s okay to ask questions.

People who are actually kind people will answer you.

They won’t make fun of you for not knowing about something.

So overall that’s my two cents on what to do when you’re in a situation where you tell yourself “I have no confidence.”

What do you guys do when you feel like you have no confidence?

Let me know in the comments down below!

i have no confidence

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