I hate my boyfriends friends | Relationship Advice

I hate my boyfriends friends
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Have you ever been in a situation where you absolutely did not care for your boyfriend’s friends?

Today we’re going to talk about how to deal with your boyfriend’s friends.

I hate my boyfriends friends | Relationship Advice

So firstly… why do you feel like you don’t care for your boyfriend’s friends?

They’re always around.

So you maybe in a situation where whenever you’re trying to do something with your boyfriend… there his friends are.. always popping up.

It probably feels like you don’t get much couples time since your boyfriend’s friends are involved.

They’re rude, childish, overwhelming, or disrespectful.

Maybe they say awful remarks about other people, women, or you.

They might make dumb jokes you don’t care for or get.

They could just be too much and you don’t care for it.

You think your boyfriend should be friends with other people just because you don’t like them out of your own personal preference.

You honestly could just have a preference that your boyfriend should have better friends..

(EVEN though this is honestly extremely messed up since your boyfriend should have his own friends and his own life separate from his relationship too).

So what do you do about it?

Depending on the situation.. you could just deal with it.

If the friends are around maybe once a week, or it’s not too too much, or you feel like your boyfriend will always keep them in his life.. just deal with it.

Learn to accept that these friends were there before you and that they’re always going to be around.

I feel like guy friendships are almost forever if they’re still friends with someone after 8 years.

Tell him you want more you time with just you guys.

Explain how you’d like to do more things with just the two of you and actually plan something when you say it.

Make it clear that you want to spend time just with him like it’s a date night or date day outting.

Bring him around friends you actually like.

Introduce him to your friends and hope that he actually enjoys spending time with them.

Be somewhat honest about it with actual valid reasoning.

If you really want to… talk to your boyfriend about how you feel about his friends.

Share the negatives to his friends as far as whether they’re a decent friend or decent person to other people.

I would keep away from talking about their personal life (past situations ex. baby mamas, girls they dated), whether they have a job, or material value stuff.

Logically share reasons why you don’t care for them so that your boyfriend understands to keep them distant from you… or you could be vague and just say you don’t really care for them and that you’d like to not really be around them.

Now keep in mind I feel like this can work only if you have a problem with 1 or 2 friends, but if you have an issue with all of his friends then…

I’m not going to lie.. a person shouldn’t give up all their friends and family for a significant other unless they’re not adding value to their life or unless they’re causing issues for their life.

Understand that he might be upset or feel some type of way about it.

They more than likely will feel a certain way about it.. I mean that’s their friends that you’re talking about.

So keep that in mind and don’t expect them to just get rid of them for you.

Just hope that they understand your lack of want to be around them at the end of the day.

So that’s my two cents on when you don’t like your boyfriend’s friends.

Let me know what you guys would do or what you have done if you were in a situation like this by leaving a comment down below!

I hate my boyfriends friends

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