He wants to fly me out to see him | Getting flewed out – Dating Advice

fly me out
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So for the past couple of years I have been hearing about women being flown out by men they met on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Today we’re going to talk about my honest opinion about the situation of having a guy fly you out and getting flown out.

He wants to fly me out to see him | Getting flewed out – Dating Advice

Firstly how well do you know this person?

Have you only talked to them for like a month or two?

Have you ever faced time them multiple times?

Do you have any mutual friends with this person?

Is this just a random person you met online or is this someone that you know through a friend?

What does them flying you out entail for the trip there?

Are you going to be staying in a hotel or somewhere with them?

Don’t just assume a guy is doing this out of the kindness of his heart because you’re attractive.

More than likely if a guy flys you out.. he wants sex from you. It is what it is.

I’m just going to be honest 9 times out of 10 if a guy is flying you out.. they definitely want sex.

Make sure you have the money to cover a hotel room, food, as well as a flight back!!

So I have read a decent amount of stories about women who were flown out only for a guy to tell them they weren’t paying for their flight back home.

They would end up in a situation where a guy would get them there then tell them they dont have the money for them to get back but that they could work for the money to get their flight back.

I have also heard of situations where they would say they had a room for the woman to stay in but when they got there they would try to get them to stay at their home.

So if you’re getting flown out you need to make sure you have either friends or family in the area that you know for a fact you could stay with if things don’t turn out the way you thought they would or you need to have some money to stay in a hotel and money to get back home.

Honestly I wouldn’t even want to get a hotel room that a person has access to.

They could easily just walk into your hotel room whenever and you wouldn’t even know or realize it.

I just feel like it’s a super unsafe situation to be in to be honest.

I would get a whole other hotel room and pay for it myself.

Don’t just assume and gullibly trust this person you don’t really know.

There have been a variety of news articles that have came out about women meeting a guy online and getting flown out.

These stories that made news coverage and that are shared online that displayed these women either not being able to cover their costs, disappearing, having to do weird things, being beaten, or even raped.

Stories: 1, 2, 3, 4

Please be mindful that most guys who fly you out especially when they barely know you… they want to use you for something so don’t lie to yourself and think they don’t want anything from you.

Don’t go by yourself.

Have someone else go there with you to the hotel so that they can make sure that you’re okay.

It’s always great to have a friend or family member nearby to keep watch to make sure you’re good so that if anything bad happens.. you’ll have someone you trust to be with.

So should I let a guy fly me out?

If I’m being real with you guys…. If you guys were my friends that I know and love, I would straight up say No.

It’s not safe and you’re really playing a dangerous game especially if you don’t have your own money to cover the cost of going, getting a hotel room, eating, and getting back.

I feel like I see so many women talk about getting flown out on social media and you just never know what to expect from people.

It would be different if you were dating someone and hung out with them multiple times then they said they’d flow you out..

but if you’re just meeting some guy who left you a couple comments and has been pursuing you via social media or text where they barely show their face with you on the phone or talk to you verbally…

It’s giving they’re hiding something and they’re a liar.

But if you don’t want to listen to me and you still want to go, do it at your own caution I guess.

Make sure that you share your location at all times from your phone.

Let people know where you’re going and how long you’ll be there.

Always do things in public places with the person.

Try not to be alone with the person if you don’t know them.

Make sure you have your own money to cover your costs and to cover getting back home.

So that’s my two cents on getting flown out.

Let me know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment down below.

fly me out

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