Why am I so clingy to my boyfriend? | Relationship Advice

Why am I so clingy to my boyfriend?
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Do you feel like you always want to talk to your boyfriend and be around him, but it seems like it might be too much?

Or does he make you feel like you’re clingy by telling you that you’re being clingy?

Today we’re going to unpack what a clingy girlfriend is and why it is happening..

Why am I so clingy to my boyfriend? | Relationship Advice

I have been the clingy girlfriend in the past, but I have also had situations where I wasn’t clingy and the guy I was dating at the time shared with me that I was clingy with him.

So first we’re going to talk about what a clingy girlfriend even is?

A clingy girlfriend constantly feels the need to talk to their boyfriend all day every day.

Now when I say feel the need.. I mean they want to text or call every single 30 minutes or hour until they fall asleep.

They want to cuddle all the time.

You could just be a cuddly girlfriend who likes to cuddle your significant other all the time like every single day.. all day.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless your boyfriend doesn’t like being touched like that.

When you’re with them even if you’ve been with them a whole week…. you want to be on them and touching them.

This could be overwhelming for your boyfriend if they aren’t a person who likes that.

You want to be the sole focus of their attention at all times.

This means if you have spent a lot of time with them.. you may still want them to focus on you.

You might not want them to have fun without you… which I’m not going to lie… it’s kind of messed up since you should want your signficant other to have some good times in life even if the moments aren’t attached to you.

You make them your whole world.

You only focus on them and talk to them or about them when you’re around other people.

You drop your friends and family completely for them where you only want to spend time with your boyfriend, but no one else.

If you don’t feel like you do these things.. then you’re more than likely not a clingy girlfriend.

Now why are you clingy though?

Maybe you didn’t get enough attention growing up.

I know for me.. I didn’t get enough attention from my father growing up so a lot of times I seeked that attention from men when I started dating.

It’s a bit of a psychological situation.

Maybe you’re afraid of them leaving you.

Another issue I had was that I would cling onto things because I didn’t want a person to leave me and never come back.

Again more of a parenting experience that I had as a kid.

Sometimes that happens where it contributes to your clinginess.

Maybe you feel like they don’t give you enough attention.

You could just feel like the person doesn’t give you enough attention, but you do have to be reasonable.

Are you spending 4 hours with them a day and you feel like that isn’t enough..?

It could be an issue where you may need to find something else to give you attention.

Friends and family can give you attention. Shoot.. start a Youtube channel and create a community sharing things you’re interested in if you like attention, but do it in a healthy way.

You shouldn’t solely depend on your significant other for attention because it can be draining as well as overwhelming for them.

So what do you do when you feel clingy?

Talk your boyfriend about it.

They should want to hear how you feel and you should be able to be vulnerable with them where you can reach a healthy middle ground about it.

Find hobbies.

I feel like having hobbies is so important if you want a relationship to workout in general.

Do something that you enjoy to occupy your time so that you don’t feel clingy.

Distract yourself with something fun for self care.

Spend time with others.

Take time out to be around others.

Spend time doing fun things with family and friends or just talk with them.

Create a new community if you don’t have any people you’re close to.

Like I mentioned above, create a Youtube community or make friends on social media where you share your interests.

There are a lot of people in this world that would definitely be interested in what you have to say.

So that’s my overall two cents on “Why am I so clingy to my boyfriend?”

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Why am I so clingy to my boyfriend?

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