When you’re not talking for a week in a relationship | Advice

not talking for a week in a relationship
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Have you or are you going through a situation where you haven’t talked to your significant other in a week?

Today we’re going to talk about not talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend for a week.

When you’re not talking for a week in a relationship | Advice

I have had this happen to me a couple of times in relationships and I absolutely hated it.

I hate the idea of being angry at my person or having my boyfriend angry at me.

So why does not talking for a week even happen?

You did something awful.

Maybe you did something that was “I don’t want to talk to you” worthy.

Although for me the only reason I wouldn’t want to talk to someone for a week is if they did something unfaithful or made me question their loyalty.

It’s about pride.

Sometimes someone wants to be right and they don’t want to be the person to apologize first or acknowledge the other first.

It’s very petty but it happens.

They want to hurt you.

Maybe they actually know how it will affect you so they choose to not speak to you.

I feel like if they choose to not speak to you at multiple moments when you get into it it’s because they want to hurt you especially if there isn’t any valid reasoning to not speak to you in the first place.

But here are some other reasons that aren’t as drastic where nothing really happened to cause it…

It’s the beginning of a relationship and you haven’t really established how often you want to talk with them.

Sometimes in the beginning you have to go through establishing how often you want to talk.

I feel like this is only an issue if you jump into a relationship with someone you haven’t been dating for awhile.

Maybe you guys were too hot and heavy in the beginning and now you’re cooling down.

I have had this happen to me where I was really into someone for like the first 2 months, but then we stopped interacting as much.

You definitely have to pace yourself with relationships. Sometimes too much of a good thing can cause a relationship to fizzle out.

I know in the few situations I’ve been in when a guy didn’t talk to me for a week it was because they either wanted to hurt me or the relationship was fizzling out from being super into each other in the beginning.

What do you do when you haven’t talked to your boyfriend in a week?

I’m a direct person. I feel like playing games is a waste of time so it’s just easier to message them.

Check in with them if you really want to speak to them.

See how they are or if you got into it with them.. apologize if there’s a reason to where some sort of argument happened.

Don’t wait around for them to make the first move.

Life is too short to be playing games or to even not acknowledge your own feelings.

Talk things out and work things out.

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Overall not talking for a week is kind of extreme especially if you’re used to talking to your person on the regular.

I feel like not talking to your person for a week should only be used for extreme reasons and not for illogical reasons.

If it becomes a habit… I’m not going to lie, it gives toxic or it gives uninterested.

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Be with someone who cares because a week is a long ass time to not hear from someone and that’s just the honest truth.

So that’s my two cents on Not talking for a week in a relationship.

Let me know your thoughts about it by leaving a comment below!

not talking for a week in a relationship

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