My boyfriend is ignoring me and it hurts | Relationship Advice

My boyfriend is ignoring me and it hurts
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Have you ever been in a situation where your boyfriend was ignoring you?

I have and I hated it so much.

Today we’re going to talk about why it happens and what to do about it..

My boyfriend is ignoring me and it hurts | Relationship Advice

There is something about being with someone who ignores you.

It makes you feel like you don’t even exist and like the person you’re with doesn’t care.

It just overall sucks.

So first let’s address if your boyfriend is actually ignoring you..

If you talk to your boyfriend at least once a day on the regular and you don’t hear from him for a day.. he could be ignoring you, but I’d say wait for a 48 hour period to actually evaluate if he’s truly ignoring you.

If you got into an argument and you haven’t heard from them in a few days.. he could be ignoring you.

If he hasn’t answered your calls within 48 hours, he is ignoring you.

(However I do have to add if you called him once within 24 hours and he didn’t answer or he’s usually at a specific place where he normally isn’t doing anything that would be taking up all his time and he just hasn’t answered, he could be ignoring…

Also I do not recommend blowing someone’s phone up back to back to back… it’s irrational if I’m being honest. I’ve been there.

The guy sees the missed calls/messages and it just makes you look crazy. Again I know because I’ve done it when I was in my early 20s.)

If he is not responding to text messages within a 48 hour period.. he could be ignoring you.

If…. and this was the main one for me… If a guy isn’t working, he’s ignoring you.

Also if a guy is on social media and not acknowledging you.. he’s ignoring you.

Now what does it mean if your boyfriend is ignoring you?

He could actually be busy.

Maybe he is dealing with some family issues or work.

Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Once 48 hours goes by.. that’s when I’d start being upset.

He could be going through something mentally or emotionally.

Maybe he’s in his feelings.

I have been in situations where a guy I was dating either was going through a state of depression or they needed time to themselves to go through their thoughts.

It happens sometimes, but they should talk to you about it after awhile if they feel like it.

They could be trying to hurt you.

I know I’ve been here before when I dated one guy and when he didn’t want to address an issue I had with him.. he would ignore me.

Like delete me off of social media and ignore any text message or calls.

He did it as a way to not only hurt me, but to also avoid acknowledging how he was wrong in a situation.

Lastly he could be uninterested.

Now I feel like this is rare only because there would have more than likely been other signs as to why they became uninterested.

I feel like you’d see a person begin to slowly distant themselves before you notice they’re ignoring you.

So what do you do when your boyfriend is ignoring you?

Just send them one message to let them know you’re thinking of them and that you miss them.

That’s all they need.

If they aren’t responsing to texts or calls or messages via social media… sending them messages and calling them back to back will do absolutely nothing, but piss them off or make them think you’re crazy.

It sucks, but you’ll just have to wait it out to see what happens.

If they truly care they should reach out to you within 72 hours at the most.

If they don’t, I resort to reaching out to people you have actual mutual friends with that you both might be close to or that actually know you like that so that it won’t be weird.

You could just be like “Hey.. I haven’t heard from ____ in the past 72 hours. Are they okay?” and just leave it at that.

If they say they’re okay then you could just say that, you were concerned about them and just wanted to make sure that they were good is all.

If they say they’re fine… you can interpret it as you will to be honest.

I know I personally get pissed off easily with being ignored, but again.. you can wait them out and see what they say when they finally contact you.

Share with them how you felt about them ignoring you and how it made you feel anxious.

The person you’re with shouldn’t make you feel that way especially if it’s within their control.

I also want to say this…. if ignoring you becomes a habit where they do it multiple times, I would just say let the whole relationship go.

It’s cruel. Unless they’re a busy person like their job is in banking or they’re in a lot of activities with school or taking care of their family or something like that… there’s no reason where they should be busy like that, especially not abruptyly.

But overall you shouldn’t be with someone who ignores you on purpose if that’s what you’re going through.

You shouldn’t be with someone who makes you feel miserable and you can’t force someone to act right.

So that’s my two cents on my boyfriend is ignoring me.

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!

My boyfriend is ignoring me and it hurts

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