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Went to a drive in movie, car battery died! – Adulting Mishaps + What to do about it | Lifestyle Adventures

drive in movie car battery
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So we went to go see The Batman opening weekend.

I didn’t realize that at the drive in movie theater we went to.. they didn’t have any working radios available unfortunately.

This is when I ended up realizing that you use your own radio to listen in to the audio for the movie.

Well 45 minutes into us watching the movie, our car battery ended up dying and we were pretty much stuck.

Here’s what to do when your car battery dies at the drive in movie theater..

Went to a drive in movie, car battery died! – Adulting Mishaps + What to do about it | Lifestyle

You don’t have to ask any of the other movie goers that are parked beside you.

When our car battery ended up dying… my boyfriend contemplated asking someone next to us and dreading it.

He didn’t want to ruin someone else’s movie watching experience which I understood.

Honestly, the only thing you need to do is go to either the concession stand or the attendance stand where you got your tickets and tell them what happened.

I told my boyfriend we could ask them because I’m sure a lot of people end up having their car batteries go out.

We told them what happened and they told us that they’d send someone out to give us a jump. They just mentioned to leave the hood of our car up so they’d know which car we were as well as so it’d be easy for them to just drive up and give us a jump without having to wait.

So I’ll be honest, I thought that they would give us a jump within 15 minutes…

Unfortunately they didn’t give us a jump until the movie was over which was a drag, but thankfully it wasn’t cold or raining so it wasn’t too bad.

The hood of our car was up the rest of the movie. Keep in mind.. The Batman is like a 3 hour long movie.

However once the movie was over and most of the people were gone, a person who worked at the drive thru movie theater pulled up and jumped the car for us.

Now you could stay and watch the movie again for the second viewing.

So we could have stayed and watched the movie since the second viewing for it was about to start… but at that point we were kind of in a bad mood and didn’t know how the car was going to act so we decided to go home.

2 weeks later we decided to just go to the matinee to see the movie and The Batman was pretty good.

Check out my no spoiler of The Batman review here.

But overall.. that is what to do if your car battery stops working at the drive thru movie theater.

drive in movie car battery

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