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Dressing like Naru Osaka – Outfit | Sailor Moon Style

naru osaka

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This month I did a Sailor Moon cosplay where I dressed up as Sailor Moon’s original / non-magical girl best friend Naru aka Molly.

I actually plan on recreating all of her outfits in the future so this blog post will most likely be updated in the near future or I may just write another post about her outfits.

Ever since I bought this dark green jumper dress I knew that I was going to wear it to do a closet cosplay of this character. It gives 90s fashion vibes!

Today I’m going to share with you guys how I recreated Molly Osaka’s outfit so that you can do a closet cosplay of her too.

Dressing like Naru Osaka – Outfit | Sailor Moon Style

naru osaka

With this outfit.. I vividly remember first seeing this Naru osaka outfit in the season 2 episode 51 where Sailor Moon ends up getting a new power up to help her fight Ail and An’s monsters.

Naru wears a green jumper dress, yellow button up shirt, red bow, and some sort of a girl’s tie.

I decided to leave out the girl’s tie and red hair bow since I didn’t have those items on hand at the time.

You can get a cute big red hair bow from Amazon along with a women’s tie.

However I made sure that my hair was some sort of red color.

I used the Outre Druann wig, but there are other wigs on Amazon that are similar in color and are curly.

molly baker

The green jumper dress I actually purchased from Romwe about 3 years ago, but I have found green overall dresses on Shein as well as Amazon.. I highly recommend to take your measurements though before you order from Shein because the sizing can be off with every piece.

I decided to go with a yellow turtleneck because it was similar in color and this yellow turtleneck is actually from Amazon.

I honestly wouldn’t recommend it only because it’s see through, but Boohoo has some nice yellow tops that are similar in color.

If you want the complete look.. I want to say Naru wears either Mary Jane shoes or oxford shoes, but I can’t really recall at the moment.

Nasty Gal has both and I honestly think a pair of Mary Jane shoes are great in general because you can recreate so many cosplays with them. Plus they’re normally pretty comfortable.

naru osaka

Overall, this is such an easy Naru Osaka cosplay that you can put together and you won’t be disappointed in the results of the look.

So what do you guys think of my Naru Osaka outfit?

Let me know in the comments down below!

(5) Comments

  1. I love this so much! It is a cheaper version of cosplaying. Using things you have at home to show your funky/quirky side.

  2. Renee says:

    I loved Sailor Moon. This cute outfit brought me way back!

  3. Christine H says:

    I am not familiar with this character, but based on the photo, I think you did a great job! When we do our costume themes I usually switch it up a little too. I liked that you added the turtleneck. It works!

  4. Agnes says:

    I love how the dress up looks almost the same, even the hair and hair color!

  5. You got her outfit down pat! Great job! I love Sailor Moon too and I love the fashion in the series. Did you know some outfits were inspired by real outfits by famous designers?

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