Going back to an ex? 5 Reasons It Happens | Dating Advice

why do i keep going back to my ex
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You keep thinking about going back to your ex.. even after everything that you two have been through.

Apart of you just wants to try again, but why is that?

Today I’m going to share with you guys why you keep feeling the urge to be with your ex.

Going back to an ex? 5 Reasons It Happens | Dating Advice

Disclaimer: This is all my opinion based on my own dating experience.

You’re lonely.

I feel like 40% of the time when someone goes back to their ex, it’s because they’re lonely.

You want to be with someone and you may not want to put in the effort to connect with someone because there’s no guarantee that things will work out.

A lot of people feel like it’s just easier to be with someone you already know especially if there’s a big chance you can come back to them and not feel alone with them.

I know in my past experience… this was one of the top reasons why I would end up letting an ex back into my life.

You’re bored.

You could just be feeling bored and you need a distraction or something to entertain you.

So it’s easy to just go back to your ex that’ll keep you occupied for the time being.

I feel like a lot of people don’t necessarily do this on purpose.. it’s just easier to rekindle something with someone from the past when you both aren’t involved with anyone.

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You’re not dating anyone new.

When you aren’t putting yourself out there or mingling… it can be hard to get over your ex.

If you don’t have someone else to focus that attention or energy on then your mind will go back to your ex a lot of times.

You want to go back to something familiar.

Sometimes it’s all about just going to something that you know.

It’s safe and there aren’t any unknown variables for the most part because you’ve already been through it with them because for the most part you know them and how they are already.

You really think you can make it work.

Hope can be a tricky thing.

Hope can make you think anything is possible a lot of times even if it’s something that isn’t within your best interest.

With exes.. sometimes you’ll have some leftover hope from the relationship that can make you wish and dream of a life with them long term.

It happens, but you really have to think about the pros and cons before you attempt to dive back into that relationship.

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So that’s why it going back to an ex happens when you’re trying to get over them.

why do i keep going back to my ex

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