I watched Spencer + Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana? | Movie Review

kristen stewart Princess Diana

I have been wanting to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer.

I love Princess Diana. I remember being a young girl and seeing her in the news as well as in photos where you could see how down to earth she was even though she was a real live princess.

I finally decided to watch the movie Spencer on Hulu and I figured I would share with you guys my thoughts on it.

I watched Spencer + Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana? | Movie Review

Spencer is loosely based on Princess Diana which means it’s about her but not everything in the movie actually happened in real life.

The movie gives you horror within reality.

Whoever directed and produced this film did an amazing job because this movie made me feel so uncomfortable and uneasy.

The instumentals really brought the scenes to life where you felt this overwhelming need to escape which is what is portrayed in this movie.

The story of being trapped..

When you’re brought into a society of where you have to uphold certain traditions or ways of life that doesn’t make sense… or could be seen as illogical, it makes you feel some type of way.

You guys the way Diana had to live and how things were so organized where she had no freedom to do practically anything..

It was all just so depressing to be honest, but honestly her life playing out that way while living in the castle does make a lot of sense considering how traditions were more important than people actually living.

You feel alone and like the important things don’t matter when you’re a free spirit in a society like that.

Kristen Stewart did such a wonderful job.

So initially when I first clicked on this movie and I saw her in the first scene… I really was like,

“Oh my gosh. This acting is about to be so trash.” LOL

But over the course of the film… you see the mood of the princess as she feels like she’s losing her mind and honestly can’t honest or be free within the world she is apart of.

The transitions of concern, despair, fear, confusion, and the feeling of giving up.. is all there.

It was beautifully presented even though it made me feel sad.

Do I recommend Spencer?

I highly recommend if you’re a fan of horror within real life or just Princess Diana in general.

Just be forewarned that you will feel feelings.. I know I was completely drawn into the movie and couldn’t take my eyes off of what was going to happen next.

I felt so sad for Diana and I felt like she felt helpless and alone.

I would definitely watch the movie again even though it made me feel uncomfortable and sad.

It was such a well put together film and I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Watch Spencer on Hulu today!

kristen stewart princess diana

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