Why do I keep going back to my ex? – Reasons why & how to stop | Dating Advice

why do i keep going back to my ex

So you are in a situationship with your ex..

For some reason you find yourself constantly in this cycle of going back to them and being with them..

But why is that?

Today I’m going to talk about why we go back to our exes.

Why do I keep going back to my ex? – Reasons why & how to stop | Dating Advice

It’s familiar and comfortable.

You keep going back to your ex because you know him.

You already know each other’s flaws, weaknesses, pros, cons, and qualities.

You’re lonely.

I’ll tell you guys right now… I ended up being in horrible situations just out of loneliness.

When you’re lonely, it’s easy for you to feel like it might be the right idea to go back to your ex.

You want to feel close to someone and it’s easy to just walk right on back to your ex.

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You don’t want to put in the effort to try with someone new.

Honestly, you could just be tired of trying with new people.

It can be an effort to put time, energy, and even money into a new person especially when you don’t even know how they are or who they are or if they’re even worth this investment.

You want to past the time.

Maybe you’re just bored so you go back to them to have something to do.

It sounds really bad, but sometimes people do this.

There might be nothing going on so it’s just easier to back track to the past and entertain someone that’ll add some sort of excitement to their lives whether good or bad.

You keep hoping for something different.

There maybe some hope there for change.

You might think that maybe you two can work long term wise.

You might think… some time has passed, so maybe this will be it for us where we can go the distance.

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The Truth about going back to an ex

You’re wasting time.

Spending this time on an ex could be counterproductive.

You’re focused on them when you could be putting your time or effort into someone else.

You’re just hurting yourself.

Sometimes people go back to their exes with the hopes that things can work.

The hope of maybe we can make this last forever or maybe we can go the distance where we work out long term.

Whether our ex tells us they’ve changed or whether we put so much thought into the hope we have for something different to happen… sometimes we just end up getting our feelings hurt.

That’s just the way it happens sometimes.

You could be missing out on your blessings.

While you’re focused on them, the person that’d be a good fit for you could be right there.. but because your ex is in the picture, the ideal person for you may see there’s no point in trying with you.

Or you may be focused on your ex where you might not be aware of a person that would be good for you.

How to stop going back to your ex?

Realize they are an ex for a reason.

Think about why things ended. You two ended the relationship for a reason.

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Let go of the past and cut the availability to you.

An ex is an example of what you shouldn’t be with for specific reasons.

Let them go.

Cut the contact.

I’m a huge fan of ending things and blocking an ex especially if it’s hindering your growth and the blessings that are meant for you.

It can be hard to let go of an ex, but if you want something that they can’t provide or a relationship without constant negativity or toxic vibes… it’d be in your best interest.

So that’s my spill on the reasons why you keep going back to your ex and how to stop going back.

Have you guys ever been in a similar situation?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

why do i keep going back to my ex

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