I watched Weathering with You! – review | HBO MAX

weathering with you review
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HBO Max kept recommending the anime movie Weathering with You after I ended up watching a couple Studio Ghibli movies.

I ended up watching Weathering With You which was such a lovely story that I didn’t expect.

Today I’m going to share with you guys why I love the movie Weathering with you.

I watched Weathering with You! – review | HBO MAX

This is the story of a boy who runs away from home at meets a girl with the ability to change the weather, but does it come at a cost?

This movie is first loves & about using what you have.

There is something about love movies, especially movies where you see a first love unfold.

The romance of it all is absolutely lovely.

Plus the story reflects on how you should use your talents to help other people.

Weathering With You presents the tale of people from different lives and how they slowly but surely try to make it through life while dealing with the unexplainable.

Really enjoyed how there was realism as well as fantasy within this story where you see the characters dealing with everyday problems, but they also are dealing with the supernatural.

The ending actually surprised me.

So I expected the ending of this movie to definitely go a different way, but I was baffled by the way things turned out.

You’ll most likely be surprised by what happens in the end too.

Do I recommend Weathering With You?

I definitely recommend checking out this movie if you’re into watching something that’s romance slice of life with a dash of fantasy in it.

It’s definitely now on my favorite romance anime and love anime list!

The story is beautifully written. The animation is lovely and I absolutely love it.

weathering with you review

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  1. Adding this movie to my must-watch list. It sounds so cute.

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