When Marnie Was There – review | Studio Ghibli Movie

when marnie was there
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I decided to watch When Marnie Was There and when I tell you it is now my favorite Studio Ghibli movie.

I haven’t heard this movie being talked about almost at all, but I have to say it is extremely underrated.

Today I figured I would share with you guys a mini review of this movie without spoilers just to encourage you guys to check it out.

When Marnie Was There – review | Studio Ghibli Movie

This movie is about a introverted loner girl who ends up leaving her city life to visit the rural life for awhile to change her perspective and while there she meets a girl who she bonds with between the lines of fantasy and reality.

This movie isn’t what you think it is.

As I watched the movie, I thought I knew where it was headed but I was definitely mistaken.

The story is presented in a well-written way that connects everything.

You realize the main character is just dealing with a lot of internal turmoil that is reflected in the ways in which she interacts with others.

The ways in which Anna experiences life and is closed off you can see is impacted because of her own overwhelming thoughts.

It really makes you think about how you can self-sabotage yourself unfortunately.

The ending will have you in tears.

So I just finished watching this movie and before I started watching this.. I was ugly crying super hard.

This movie really hit me right in the feels.

You realize the ways in which things really came full circle and the emotions I experienced were overwhelming making that realization.

Overall, if you’re interested in a good movie to watch then I highly recommend When Marnie Was There.

It is arguably the best or at least in my Top 2 Studio Ghibli movies.

My other favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle.

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